Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Review: What the Cluck? by Gwen Neiman Levy

Today's second review hits a cute picture book, which looks at barnyard life. So, I was more than happy to get a copy and take a peek, especially when I saw the lovely cover...which promises loving illustrations. Plus, isn't that title cute?

I love how this one can fit modern messages (if the reader wants it, too) but is also just a fun tale about some odd characters coming together, learning to deal with each other, and forming a friendship. Oh, and let's not forget the cute animals for animal fans! 

by Gwen Neiman
Illustrated by Anna Currey
Simon Sawyer Publishing
Picture Book
ages 4 to 8
44 pages

Must all birds of a feather flock together? The adventure of Sophie and Myles proves it is not always so!

An unlikely friendship develops in spite of barnyard obstacles. A feisty little duck shows unimaginable kindness to a shy turkey who resists all disapprovals from her brother, Thomas, who is the boss of the yard.

What the Cluck will inspire young children to respect, accept, and befriend those who are different than they are!

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Farmyard fun takes on a fun twist of odd quirks and blooming friendship in this brightly illustrated book.

This is a cute story about the forming of a friendship between some unlikely characters. Not only do their personality quirks clash hard, but even their different species and physical attributes create an odd grouping. But sometimes, friendship is found where it's least expected.

Now, there is obviously a message in this book about looking beyond first impressions and outside appearances. Diversity and such is included, too, but I truly appreciated that these messages weren't the main thrust of the tale. It's a fun story about barnyard animals, who have strong personalities...each in their own way. It is funny, it is heart-warming, and it's simply a good tale to snuggle up with and enjoy.

The illustrations are bright, cheery and bring across the animals and scenes nicely. It makes a great read aloud and is sure to be one, which is read more than a time or two.

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