Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Review: In a Pickle! adapted by Natalie Shaw

It's stocking-stuffer-idea time! In the next weeks, I'm going to have more than a few books, which work great as an extra, little gift from young readers out there. And today's is my first suggestion!

I have some little nieces and nephews, who love a certain might be Donkey Hodie. Anyway, this book will put a smile on their faces. At least, I'm pretty sure it will. But even I'll have to wait until December 14th for a copy.


from Donkey Hodie
adapted by Natalie Shaw
Simon Spotlight
Board Book
24 pages
ages 2 to 5


Based on an episode of the hit preschool show from Fred Rogers Productions Donkey Hodie, this 8x8 storybook follows fun-loving Donkey Hodie as she tries to save her best friend’s toy!

When Panda and Donkey are playing with Panda’s favorite toys (pickle-shaped penguins!) and one accidentally gets stuck between two rocks, will they be able to rescue it?

© 2021 The Fred Rogers Company

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Little fans of Donkey Hodie are going to smile, when they get their hands on this one. It comes directly from one of the episodes, a silly one which puts a new twist on pickles and important rescues. For those who know the show well, there's also the words to the song, which can be sung along.

This book has a very directed audience group, and I truly believe that young fans will enjoy it. The tale is cute and allows the imagination to take flight as something as simple as pickles are fantasized into animals...and need rescuing. I doubt we'll ever see pickles the same again in our household. The text works as a read-aloud, since it takes someone sure of their words to read. And there is the written version of the song found in the show written on the bottom of several of the last pages. This works best for those who already know the song (as said, this is for fans and watchers).

The illustrations follow the show as well, making it highly recognizable for those listeners/readers. The benefit of this book form is that it shows viewers that books can be fun, while remaining in a stream they recognize right away. 

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