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Review: Cupcake by Cookie O'Gorman

Happy Monday! Did everyone survive the Halloween weekend? We had a few unexpected and very fun moments...but then, when is life boring?

I'm a little late with today's post, and this might be the beginning of a week of wackily timed posting...but I do plan on getting them all up. Not only do I have some business on the family and personal side of life, but I've been invited to be one of the authors showcased at the Laura Ingalls Wilder Children's Literature Festival this week! So, next to show casing all of these wonderful reads by other authors on here, I'll be swinging and shining my own book to the world...and giving speeches...and who knows what else.

But I plan to keep things running smoothly on here, too. So, hang in there with me, please!

by Cookie O'Gorman
Entangled Teen
Young Adult Romance
320 pages


I know what you're thinking.

You're thinking this will be just one more story of the ignored, "big-boned " girl, who sheds her glasses and a few extra pounds and finally attracts the notice of the most popular guy in school.

Except it isn't. Because I'm not unpopular. Not all that ignored. And I love the way I look―just as I am.

Then someone puts my name in for Homecoming Court.

The bigger surprise?

People actually vote for me!

Now, I'm a "princess"―whether I like it or not―but the guy I'm paired with isn't exactly Prince Charming.

Rhys Castle is the strong, silent type who always wears a frown―he's certainly never smiled at me. I'm 99.9% sure he hates being on Court and being my partner, but surprisingly…he doesn't switch when he gets the chance.

Turns out Rhys has a secret―something that makes him run hot and cold throughout the entire three weeks of Homecoming festivities. Whether he's stepping on my feet during dance lessons or gallantly escorting me through the Homecoming parade, I can't get a read on this guy, and for the first time, I find my confidence wavering.

But there's more to Rhys than meets the eye. And the more the spotlight shines on me, I realize there's more to me, too.



Sweet, simple if romance could ever be 'simple' in high school...waltzes from every page in this enjoyable read, which lets sugar and love whirl.

Cupcake is a senior, has a best friend, has some wicked baking skills, and enjoys her life thoroughly. When her best friend nominates her for the Homecoming Court and she's selected, Cupcake isn't sure about the entire thing, since this isn't really her scene. Going along for the ride, she's randomly paired up with the hottest guy in the high school, and worse yet, he acts like he's interested in her. Sure there's a catch somewhere...because she knows she's not the type of girl a guy like that would ever like...she stays friendly and goes along with whatever comes her way. But the last thing she expects is to actually start liking him herself.

I was relieved to see a book, which doesn't throw the main character into the bullied, harboring tons of massive issues, or huge political/social agenda category. Rather, Cupcake is a pretty normal high school girl as are those around her. Yes, she has insecurities, and these hover around her weight but not in the way one might expect...for the most part. It makes her even more natural because this is an extremely normal thought and concern for basically all females, especially in those teen years. She does love herself for who she is and is liked by everyone around her, making this a healthy read in so many ways. So, kudos to the author for this alone.

This is an easy read, where the characters have clear, individual personalities. These aren't over the top but natural, making the high school scene come across pretty realistic. There is a bit of a mean girl vibe, but it's not over the top and has its purpose in the big scheme of things. The character depth swings right along with the plot, keeping this up to a quick-paced read with something happening at every turn. It's a light, easy and fun read, and one that isn't easy to put down.

Romance blooms in these pages and revolves in all of its sweetness. While it's clear right away who is going to get together, it keeps enough space from insta-love to make things interesting. Friendship forms first as Cupcake feels her way into things, and the hero is everything a girl could wish for. For anyone looking for grit and heart-filled, difficultly strived for moments....this won't be your read. But it's great for those who simply want a cute story, which leaves warm and happy feelings bubbling inside.

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