Sunday, November 28, 2021

Review: Countdown to Christmas! by Charles M. Schulz

Yesterday, we picked out our Christmas tree, making today the perfect time to start the holiday fun. I got my hands on a lovely read...yep, this one made me smile. Since Advent's Calendars are a standard tradition in our household, this one slid right in.

So, Peanut fans get ready because this one is perfect for you! 

With a Story a Day
by Charles M. Schulz
Illustrated by Robert Pope
Simon Spotlight
Children's Holiday Fiction
63 pages
ages 6 to 8 (and up, too)

Get into the Christmas spirit with the Peanuts gang in this joyful collection of twenty-five stories—one for every day of December from the first through the twenty-fifth—with original illustrations and foil on the cover!

This collection of Peanuts stories celebrates everything wonderful about the Christmas season—writing Christmas cards, shopping for presents, going to holiday parties, going sledding, drinking hot cocoa, and baking cookies for Santa! There’s a story for each day of the month to make the wait go faster!

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The preparation for Christmas with all of it's wish lists, cards, tree shopping, present wishing and nervous expectations make this into an adorable read...but Peanuts is in a class all of its own.

This is a collection of 25 stories, each derived from the beloved Peanuts tales that many of us know and love. The stories have been realigned to fit a short reading for each day. The scenes will awake memories for those, who are already Peanut fans, and give new readers a glance at all those things which made the characters, who they are. This is not done in comic form, but rather, short story tales with a large illustration or two to set the scene.

The stories are written for lower middle graders or those chapter book readers, who have a good handle on their words. But this also works ( and in my opinion, is better) as a read-aloud. The tales are  snippets from the larger comic plots, but they are changed just enough to make them fit a short story form. There are other alterations and twists, and a few end with a slightly incomplete atmosphere. Still, all of the wonder which makes Lucy, Charlie, Snoopy nd the other characters, who they are, shines through. 

It's a fun read to get ready for the holidays and will make more than just Peanut fans smile.


Tyrean Martinson said...

Sounds like a really fun read! I love Peanuts. :)

Heather N. Quinn said...

Feeling so nostagic reading this one. Thanks!