Tuesday, August 31, 2021

What's Coming in September?

Time to dig out those light sweaters! Or don't I wish...
I'm sure a cooler day will sneak in every now and then at one point this month. (With the 90's we've been having lately, I really hope they do.) 

I'm tempted to declare September 'Picture Book Month' because I have a massively-huge, super-enormous pile of lovely picture books coming your way. So, all those who have their eyes open for the younger end of the reading scale will want to pop in more than a few times this month. 

As for middle grader reads and young adult novels...well, I haven't ignored these, either. There are several chills 'n thrills planned for YA readers as well as some deeper reads. Middle graders will see a colorful mix, this month, too.

So, who's ready for a quick peek?


I read the companion book, Unicorns are the Worst!, and found it funny as well as super cute. I'm looking forward to see if this one is just as good and packed with snort-worthy wit. Explore it with me on the 6th.

Picture Book 


For those who don't know, this is the true tale of a Syrian girl, who has become a well-known advocate for refugees. I'm curious to see how this one speaks to young readers and will share my thoughts on the 7th.

Picture Book


Sometimes, I could squeal for excitement about reading a book, and this is one of them. Set in historic New York, a young girl is taken to an island, where her new step-father runs a hospital for quarantined patients of deadly and very contagious diseases. And she has reason to believe he isn't as humane as he appears. We're talking dark and creepy! I'm hitting this one on the 10th.

Middle Grade Historical


This one promises to be amazing on the illustration end. The artist has used smoke to create the pictures. I hear it's getting quite a bit of attention and am excited to explore every page. Find out more on the 13th.

Picture Book


Greeting from France, this one is one of the highly anticipated reads this year. It's a coming-of-age novel and takes on a century old 'curse'. It discloses some of the failings of modern medicine and questions modern trust on science. It's very different from the reads I usually present on here, but I'm ready for something new. Discover it with me on the 14th.

Coming of Age Contemporary


I'm going to stay in the realm of deep thoughts. This one rotates around a girl, who loves make-up, and must deal with harsh reality when her mother becomes ill. I found the cover intriguing and am curious whether I'll enjoy this one or not, since serious isn't always my thing. Find out more with me on the 17th.

Middle Grade Contemporary


It's high time for some fun! She-Ra and the Princess of Power meets Dog Man—doesn't that sound interesting? I'm betting this is a quirky, graphic novel with tons of girl power and...well, who knows what. I'm going to take a look at it on the 20th, so don't miss it because I'm sure it will be a blast.

Middle Grade Fantasy /  Graphic Novel


I've always been a bubble fan. Can you believe I'd even blow these out in front of the dorms in college? And the idea of trying to kiss a bubble has me smiling. I'm betting that this will be a wonderful read. See if I'm right on the 25th!

Picture Book


The Fan Brothers are one of my favorite picture book authors/illustrators. So, when I was offered to take a peek at this one, there was no way I would say 'no'. Join me on the 28th because this one is certain to be a winner.

Picture Book


Ballet meets graphic novel and mixes with a memoir in this tale of a girl, chasing her ballerina dreams. It hits upon the struggles a teen faces as she works toward her goal of earning a spot on the New York Ballet Company. It sounded intriguing, so I wanted to take a peek. Join me on the 29th to learn more.

Young Adult Graphic Novel / Contemporary

I am tempted to give a peek at several more YA reads, which are coming up...a little horror to get ready for October...but there have to be some surprises, right?

As always, we have this month's Joker Read! I have no clue when I'll get around to posting a review on this one, but it is coming this month. Even if I have to squeeze some picture books together, I'm definitely going to hit the following read. 


It's mystery time in this first book in a very new series for middle graders—Christie and Agatha's Detective Agency! It comes from our neighbors in Britain and holds something about a scientific discovery in a sandwich. I'm betting these two are going to make an amazing pair. Now, if I only knew when I was going to tell you all about it...but that's the mystery, isn't it?

Middle Grade Mystery

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You have some good books to read this mony. A Discovery Disappears sounds really interesting.