Saturday, August 21, 2021

Review: Good Night, Good Night by Sandra Boynton


by Sandra Boynton
Little Simon
Picture Book
40 pages
ages 4 to 8


Maestro of bedtime Sandra Boynton expands her bestselling The Going to Bed Book in this deluxe collectible picture book that will help a new generation of children get ready for bed.

The sun has set not long ago. So begins one of the most widely loved children’s books ever made.

The Going to Bed Book was first published in 1982 and has been a cherished part of many millions of bedtimes ever since.

Good Night, Good Night is the larger and longer version, now redrawn by the author for a fabulous new generation. Every copy comes with a free pair of imaginary singing rabbits.



Rocking on the waves with this friendly group of animals invites to calming dreams.

It's bedtime on the ship, which is sailing at sea, and the animal crew needs to get ready. They run below deck, get dressed, brush teeth, and, at one point, settle into bed.

This is an original twist on good night stories, which does call for calm and sweet dreams. The idea of having animals at sea...without saying much but just placing them on a fun. The animals range from elephants to rabbits, a large bunch. They do everything together, which makes for a bit of chaos but so much familiar warmth. There are a lot of good feelings in these pages, which give security and the sense of belonging.

The words are very simple, allowing the illustrations to carry much of the tale. These portray the animals in a way, which is great for young listeners and makes it hard not to want to be friends with these animals, too. There's a lullaby toward the end of the book with the notes, which can then be sung right along as the rabbits do their singing. 

All the elements needed to soothe young bedtime goers into sleep seem to be in these pages...and it left me also wondering what other adventures this group might have someday.

And here she is...

Sandra Boynton is a popular American cartoonist, children’s author, songwriter, producer, and director. Since 1974, Boynton has written and illustrated over sixty children’s books and seven general audience books, including five New York Times bestsellers. More than 70 million of her books have been sold, “mostly to friends and family,” she says. She has also written (with Michael Ford) and produced six albums of renegade children’s music. Three of her six albums have been certified Gold (over 500,000 copies sold) and Philadelphia Chickens, nominated for a Grammy, has been certified Platinum (over 1 million copies sold). Boynton has also directed twelve music videos of her songs, including the award-winning “One Shoe Blues” starring B.B. King, “Alligator Stroll” starring Josh Turner, and “Tyrannosaurus Funk” (animated) sung by Samuel L. Jackson. She lives in rural New England, and her studio is in a barn with perhaps the only hippopotamus weathervane in America.

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