Sunday, August 8, 2021

Review: They Call Me Lucky by Lauren Zurcher

Happy Sunday! Today, I'm sticking with nature and a read, which shows the life of a bunny...a super, sweet one, too.  

by Lauren Zurcher
Spring Cedars LLC
Picture Book
38 pages
ages 4 to 8

Lucky looks just like any other cottontail baby rabbit, but after overcoming a number of obstacles, learning to accept help from others, and surviving some of the greatest dangers rabbits can face, Lucky proves to be one of a kind.

Learn more about Lucky's story and get a chance to see a picture of this real and very fortunate rabbit.



This is one of those books, which has a tale to be read again and again and again.

Lucky is just another cottontail baby until the day comes when Lucky leaves the nest. The world outside holds many wonderful things but also more than a few obstacles and dangers. 

Warmth, nature, and a little adventure make this into a read to get lost in. Lucky is a super, cute, baby bunny, which will already win over the hearts of many young readers. When Lucky steps out into the world, it's fun to explore the world with the small bunny. Young readers will easily identify with Lucky and have no trouble sinking into each scene. Each adventure and danger comes from real life situations bunnies face, and while they are tense enough to hold readers' attentions, they still remain age appropriate. 

The illustrations are made with love and care, sticking to a clear, hand-made atmosphere. It's soothing to peer through them and join Lucky in his adventure just through each scene. I can see this one becoming a member of the bedtime read stack.

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