Monday, July 6, 2020

Review: Baxter Meets His Monster by Jennifer Hart

Baxter the Dog Books
by Jennifer Hart
Picture Book
46 pages

Baxter The Dog is no stranger to fantastic creatures. In his first adventure, "Baxter Goes to Imagination Land," he met a cast of colorful characters. However, on a dark, stormy night, he is surprised and unsure when something strange and wild shows up at his door. Will Baxter judge a creature by their size, their color and by the shape of their paws, or will he learn that monsters aren't always monsters after all?

Baxter The Dog Books is a series starring Baxter The Dog that encourages children (or kids at heart) to get creative, be kind, and seek adventure. "Baxter Meets His Monster" has 40-pages of colorful hand-drawn illustrations by Jennifer Hart. The full-page art and rhyming storyline set the scene as Baxter takes his readers through a funny, heartfelt bedtime story about friendship.

If you can't get enough Baxter The Dog, please check out "Baxter Goes to Imagination Land," "Baxter Returns to Imagination Land, Coloring and Activity Book, " and "Baxter's Sweets and Treats."

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Imagination radiates from every page in this tale about a sweet dog and a very unexpected monster.

Baxer the dog can't believe his eyes—something crashes a hole in his fence! With the fog, it's hard to see what it is, but it appears to be furry and huge. His mind races in all sorts of directions as he tries to imagine what type of monster it is. Despite all the amazing possibilities he comes up with, none come close to reality.

The artwork in this book is lovely, each page allowing imagination to take flight in swoops, curls and color combinations that bounce off of the page. It's a treat to simply flip through the book and experience the tale through the art. Especially the monster benefits from the illustrations and will make young listeners gasp, giggle and want to cuddle it...if their arms were long enough, that is.

While I want to say that this book shows that the imagination can be worse than reality, that doesn't quite fit. Baxter's imagination of what the monster might be is amazing in so many ways. Young listeners will love every 'monster' he comes up with, and this makes it a lovely read-aloud. The end result is very surprising, but fits the imaginative direction nicely. Of course, there's a warm ending with a wholesome message, which makes it wonderful for the intended age group. The entire thing is written in light rhyme, which sometimes flows better than others, and the vocabulary is fitting for the age group.

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