Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Review: The Amazing Livy Loo and the Things She Can Do by Jenna Rector

by Jenna Rector
Illustrated by Millie Bicknelle
Picture Book
24 pages


Young Livy Loo faces her fears and doubts about herself and learns to see her strengths while realizing how amazing she already is, and all that she can do. With sweet rhyming verses that touch on kindness, caring, and reaching for the stars The Amazing Livy Loo and the Things She Can Do delivers a message of acceptance and encouragement for children and helps them recognize that everyone can have doubts and fears, but still be amazing and capable of reaching all their dreams to be the person they dream to be.


With words of encouragement, an inspiring message is brought across.

Livy Loo is a little girl, who doubts her own worth and fears she isn't good enough. With the help of her parents, she's shown exactly how wonderful she is in her own way.

This is a book with a very specific message and intention: to help young listeners see how great they are. Livy Loo immediately casts doubt about her own self-worth on the very first page and her loving family steps up right away. It would have been nice to see a little more as to why she doubted herself so much, but young readers can identify with the situation, since everyone has fears like this at one time or another. And her the way her problem is solved is also gentle, warm and inspiring. I love how her own family steps into help her, giving the entire book a very wholesome feel.

The tale is written in rhyme, which flows pretty well. The font is whimsical, too, inviting joy with every word. The illustrations are drawn with love and not so perfect, but still wonderful in their own way...much like the message of the book itself.

This is a lovely way to bring across the message to young listeners that even they are terrific if they just take the time to look at their own strengths.

And here she is...

Jenna Rector is a wife and mother to two grown sons, as well as grandmother to two. A lifelong storyteller, Jenna has always loved to make people laugh and work to help people see and reach their best selves.
This is Jenna's first published children's book. Her educational background includes degrees in both psychology and professional counseling. Jenna has worked as a counselor with children, within community mental health, as well as in private practice, which prompted the desire to write stories encouraging children to feel more empowered, build their self-acceptance and confidence.

Jenna loves to read, travel and spend time with her family and friends and currently lives in Arizona with her husband.

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