Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Review: MVPKids Books

Today and this coming Friday, Bookworm for Kids is presenting several books from MVPKids. In their own words: "These are innovative books that follow a diverse cast of sixteen MVP Kids® that represent a wide range of ethnic and cultural diversity and are the stars of our products. Starting from toddler board books and growing through early-elementary and elementary hardcover books, our products follow the MVP Kids® as they grow from toddlers to adolescents."

Head over to their website to find out more and find a true bounty on titles! https://realmvpkids.com/

Especially homeschoolers, preschool teachers and parents wanting to help introduce their young listeners to the world around them will want to take a look at these.

Celebrate! Self-Esteem
by Sophia Day
Picture Book
32 pages
ages 4 to 8

Join our MVP Kids in discovering that each person is made to be unique! From physical traits to skills and strengths, children are encouraged to feel good about who they are. Be inspired to a positive sense of self and appreciation for the differences of others.


Diversity is a natural fact of life, and this is a fun celebration of just that.

Short, clear, and fun—these three words describe this lovely dive into everything which makes us different from each other. No two people are alike, and these pages tackle that with joyful clarity. From freckles to birthmarks to skin color to hair, each person has traits to call their own. And this is good so.

The rhyming verse on each two-page spread are simple, flow nicely and clearly bring across a point even younger listeners can understand. While the message is very clear, it doesn't come across as preachy but simply celebrates each unique trait. This is supported by a question on the bottom of many pages, which direct listeners to partake and share what traits they have, which make them different. And that's what makes this book special. 

Diversity is a very modern topic, but often times it concentrates on race, religion and such. This book simply celebrates all kinds of differences. And it encourages kids to discover their own. The atmosphere supports a self-pride and fun of sharing, making this a book not only to read but get involved in. 

Celebrate Number Sense
Sophia Day
MVPKids Media
Picture Book
32 pages
ages 4 to 8

Join our MVP Kids as they count and make number sentences with the critters they discover. Children will search for bugs, practicing counting, recognize number sight words, and develop part-part-whole reasoning. Come along and develop a respect for nature while having fun with hands-on math.


Mix those wiggly, squiggly, crawly insects with counting, and out comes a little basic math rolled into searching fun.

Outside, especially this time of year, insects and bugs are everywhere. Under rocks...on the plants...all it takes is a peek, and some creepy, crawly can be discovered. Mix in a little counting and some searching, and out comes basic math. This entire concept is rolled within a bit of rhyme on each page and a small illustration of the mathematical formula in the lower part of some corners.

This book was more fun than I thought it'd be. While the main theme is number sense, it starts off with something which entice kids or make them screech and shiver—insects and creepy crawlies. These characters head out into the backyard and search for whatever bugs they can find. The mention of numbers does come right away, allowing listeners to get wrapped up in the bug discovery first. Listeners will easily relate, and probably be itching themselves to get out and do their own searches.

Then, comes the counting, but it stays wrapped up in the bug hung. Not only that, but the bugs tend to scamper a bit and a tiny bit of searching is sometimes required. The counting is easy and never comes across as rigid or teaching. On several pages, the problem-solving is written out for listeners to get a glimpse of what the math looks like. And while this is there and very useful, it also is not the center point. In other words, school-critical listeners won't be overly terrified since this is more as a glaze than a hard teaching presentation.

It's a fun way to introduce numbers and some first, basic math problems while building in an aspect kids can relate to and will want to run outside and try themselves.

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