Monday, July 8, 2019

16 Bedtime Stories to Inspire Young Girls

A good book may only last a few minutes to hours, but a great book can last a lifetime. That’s why the books we read as kids can stick with us forever. The lessons we learn when first reading stick with us. So, it's incredibly important that children’s books focus on positive morals and the best of people. Stories of brave knights and kind princesses are common. However, for young girls, there aren’t often empowered role models that they can learn from.

That’s why Sleep Advisor compiled this list of bedtime stories to inspire young girls. No matter their age or interest, there’s something for everyone. There are stories of historical heroines to show your daughter that women can and do make a difference. To navigate the challenges of growing older, there are stories that teach your girl to love themselves the way they are. And for those who still love princesses, there are modern retellings of old classics that put the princess in charge.

So, check out the list below, and find the perfect bedtime story for the girl in your life. Reading together is a great way to unwind after a long day, spend time together, and empower her dreams.

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