Monday, July 22, 2019

Review: Little Love by Rose Stanek

by Rose Stanek
Picture Book 
40 pages
ages 4 to 8


"There once was a girl with a hole in her heart.

Little Love was her name, where was she to start?

It was not of her doing. She was not to blame.

But the hole in her heart was there just the same."

So begins the story of Little Love as she sets out on a journey to heal her broken heart. Join her on her path to self-discovery where she meets Beauty and Fame, and learns the true value of her self-worth. Written for children, but with a timeless message for the child in all of us, Little Love reaffirms the importance of self-acceptance in life's journey toward love, joy, and friendship.


With an important message about what really brings happiness in life, this is a sweet book and easy to read.

Little Love has a whole in her heart (not a real hole but is broken hearted), and she wants to find happiness. She meets Fame and Beauty along the way but doesn't discover what she's looking for. Then, she discovers love, and maybe things will work well.

The illustrations in this book are cute, detailed enough to hold attention, and capture on every page. They depict Little Love with warmth and help illustrate her emotions nicely. It's fun to flip through and gaze at the pictures even when someone isn't around to help read.

As to the story, there is an encouraging an important message in these pages. Fame and Beauty won't bring true joy, but rather love will. The book is written in rhyme and flows nicely. It's also easy to get caught up in Little Love's adventure as she tries to find happiness. There might be some spots where adults will need to explain what is going on...why Little Love decides as she does or what exactly happens is sometimes a little assumed... but this also opens the door to discussions. And that is exactly what this book is about.

And here she is...

Rose Stanek is an award winning graphic designer, interior designer, and now children’s book author. She is the mother of two cowcats, Monty and Tyson, and calls the Pacific Northwest home. She loves creative storytelling, and empowering others to live their dreams. 

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