Monday, July 30, 2018

Review: It's Your First Day of School, Busy Bus! by Jody Jensen Shaffer

by Jody Jensen Shaffer
Illustrated by Claire Messer
Beach Lane Books
July 3rd, 2018
Board Book
32 pages
 ages 3 and up

It’s the first day of school! But is Busy Bus ready? Find out in this darling picture book that showcases the excitement and worries little ones experience as they prepare for their first day.

Today is the very first day of school! Busy Bus is excited, but he also has some first-day jitters. Will the children like him? Will he be homesick? What if he gets lost?! Luckily, bus driver Ben knows just what to do to make sure that the school year gets off to a great start.


This takes a fun twist at the first day of school, while very gently giving those who might be afraid to ride the bus, a little encouragement.

Busy Bus is nervous and excited. Soon, it will be his first day to drive kids to school. Ben, the driver,
makes sure everything is ready, but when the moment arrives to leave, suddenly Busy Bus is more anxious than anything else.

Cute, short and easy to read, this book takes the first day of school from a 'young' bus' perspective. The first part of the book covers everything there is to know about a bus, while the driver, Ben, checks through things thoroughly. Young readers learn about all the things needed for a bus' safety—air pressure, fire extinguisher, emergency door, etc. About halfway through, the gears change, and Busy Bus becomes apprehensive about meeting the kids and actually driving to school the first time. First time school goers will sympathize immediately and watch as Busy Bus works his way through this fear.

The illustrations are simple, bright and done with a playful, splatter effect. The details are kept light but just enough to draw in younger listeners. The text is great for preschoolers and plays along with the illustrations to create a fun read aloud.

Those who love school buses and cars or are about to embark on their first day of preschool or kindergarten will enjoy this read.

And here they are...

The author...
Jody Jensen Shaffer is the author of more than twenty-seven books of fiction and nonfiction for children. She's written about everything from ninja warriors to hyenas to Frederick Douglass. Her picture books include It's Your First Day of School, Busy Bus; Prudence, the Part-Time Cow; and A Chip Off the Old Block. Jody lives in Liberty, Missouri, with her husband and children.

The Illustrator...
Claire Messer is a graduate of the Cambridge School of Art. She works by hand, using traditional printmaking processes to create her picture books, which include the acclaimed Grumpy Pants. She lives in the UK.

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