Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Review: Moonlight by David Rose

by David Rose
April 6th, 2014
Young Adult Fantasy/Asian Myth
57 pages

Moonlight is a fantasy romance set in modern Japan. Two young teenagers, Tadao and Yuzuki, pledge their love in the face of imminent separation. Can they honour their promise to meet again as adults? Can they overcome an impossible challenge to achieve happiness together? The story includes elements of tragedy and magic, and Yuzuki's little cat, Miss Moonbeam, holds the key. 


This is a super sweet tale set in Japan, which accompanies a childhood promise to a magical end.

Tadao and Yzuki are neighbors and great friends. When life's problems force their parents to move to another town, the pledge to find each other again. With the promise of meeting at a certain time and place in many years, they go their separate ways only to have tragedy strike. But love has its own magical plans for them.

Fans of Japanese tales of magic and sweet love will enjoy this one. It's a very innocent tale and follows Tadao and Yzuki as they become childhood friends. Various moments in progressive chronological order are given from each character in their point of view as they discover their love for each other right before they're pulled apart. This never grows confusing and allows the reader to get a glance into each character. However, it has a very traditional 'telling' feel allowing the first chapters to glance over with moments here and there instead of a flowing story. It's a short story, and due to this, looses some depth which could have made this even a better read.

As the story switches into a more magical mode about halfway through, the tale grabs with wonder. The author does a wonderful job at bringing the odd circumstances to life for each character as well as their hopes and fears. It's a beautiful story with tons of hope and leaves a smile on the face.

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