Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Review - Happiness: A Lesson With Lulu by Robert Jones

by Robert Jones
Illustrated by Anna Maddox
Designed by Casey Marek
Healthy Life Press
Picture Book
34 pages

In Happiness, a father takes his daughter to an amusement park to explore how to live a happy life. They gradually discover that happiness dwells beyond the twists and turns. From high in the sky, they see the joy that comes from helping others and solving problems. As the day comes to a close, they find that the biggest smiles of all come from the most open and caring hearts.


With fun, love and care, this book brings across an important but important message in way which will leave young readers thinking.

Lulu is feeling sad. When her dad takes her to the amusement part this turns around. But not only because of the rides. Lulu notices through several situations and talking to her father that happiness is so much more than a spin or a ride.

Lulu is a lovely girl, who simply feels a little sad sometimes like anybody else. But that doesn't mean she's not kind and considerate. Her ability to see and notice things others might not makes her a real gem. Readers can easily identify with her and are opened up to the things she notices as well.

Lulu's dad has an important role...something wonderful to see. He guides Lulu without pushing her and gently helps her to discover the true meaning of happiness. This support is warming and heartening, showing a great parent role. While being read aloud, this connection also adds a nice moment of bonding as well as a great atmosphere for comfortable discussions and questions kids will probably find themselves asking while reading these pages. It's also worth noting, that the author makes sure to place in a humorous nod or two for the parents during the story, which will have them smiling and thinking at moments as well.

The illustrations are bright, cheery and simply well done. The characters take on a more simple style, but it's exactly this which makes them enjoyable. There are enough details to draw in attention time and again, and the story flows nicely in the illustrations as well.

Summed up, this is a gentle, wholesome read which reminds readers that happiness is more than what can be bought. It sits in everyday moments and often comes from care and paying attention to others.

About the series

Lessons with Lulu are stories that encourage your child's natural curiosity about the world through a young girl's adventures. Lulu is always asking questions and with patience, kindness, and a guiding voice, she is often able to find the answers herself. Along the way, her sense of wonder and her self-confidence grow.

And here he is. . .

Robert Jones, like most parents, is a developing storyteller. He reads to his daughters nightly (and whenever they ask) and draws on analogies to explain complex ideas. He has also learned to improvise silly characters in even sillier situations to wrest his children from otherwise inconsolable moods. His stories are becoming books because of the insistence of his children that his characters be brought to life. While he wishes he could spend his days engaged in such important endeavors, he supports his family by working as a manager for an eCommerce company.

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