Thursday, June 21, 2018

Review: The Beedog by Addie Broussard with Giveaway

by Addie Broussard
Illustrated by Joyeeta Neogi
Two Umbrellas Media
Picture Book / Science
ages 4 and up

Have you ever encountered something so fascinating that you had to tell everyone about it?

The Beedog introduces readers to an intriguing little insect that author Addie Broussard encountered while on a trip in Portugal. 
But this is no ordinary bug. 

Its uniqueness will capture the imagination of young ones while peaking their interest about science discovery.

About the book. . .

Neighbors and schoolmates Cora and Manny travel to Carvalho Beach in Portugal for an exciting vacation.  Little do they know that they’re in for a day of discovery and surprises.
While building a unique sandcastle, Cora and Manny spot a rather curious little insect. Will they be able to figure out what it is and why it’s digging so furiously in the sand?
An adventure awaits little ones in this science discovery picture book for children aged 4-8.  The Beedog is perfect for STEM education and home-school projects or just curious little ones who love bugs. 

Book extras include fun printable activities related to scientific classification and research.


Cora and Manny are heading to the beach in Portugal. Once there, they build a sand castle, but a funny accident soon destroys it. While recovering from disaster, Manny discovers a 'beedog' digging in the sand. With their curiosity on high-gear, Cora and Manny try to discover more about this strange bug.

This is a picture book which manages to incorporate a story kids can relate to with a foreign country and science too. In other words, it has a lot going for it. The illustrations are simple but colorful and easy to follow even if someone isn't on hand sometimes to read it aloud. The text is kept short and for the most part, sticks to a simple vocabulary. The story itself could flow better, and it's the other aspects of this book which make it pull through. The adventure is clever in so far that it's something many kids understand (building sand castles.) An extra dash of humor and the perfect portrayal of a sibling relationship makes it easy to identify with. 

The science side slides in seamlessly as the kids discover a wasp digging in the sand. The author allows Cora and Manny to continue their research at home on the internet through a search engine. The word combinations they use to finally reach the desired information also shows readers/listeners how to approach such searches themselves. 

At the end of the book, not only is there more information concerning the so-called 'Beedog' but an entire page is spent exploring other rare wasps and other interesting tidbits. The knowledge isn't only great for homeschoolers but also for curious kids who love to learn more about the world about them. 

And here they are. . .

Author. . .
Addie is an avid traveler, and once went on a solo journey to fifteen countries in one year. When she encounters something unique, she writes about it. Addie began her writing journey when she was just nine years old, with a book called Doggienauts. That book has been updated and is set for publication in 2018. Addie is originally from the United States and is currently a full-time traveler. Home is where her suitcase is.

Illustrator. . .

Joyeeta Neogi is a children’s book illustrator who has worked with international authors and publishers. Her engagement with worldwide clients and multicultural themes has allowed her to create captivating original animal and child characters. Her art captures the expressions, movements and vibrancy of life within simple compositions to bring the author’s story to life. In her free time, Joyeeta is busy with painting and music. She loves to paint in oil and acrylic and has also developed a passion for watercolor.


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