Monday, May 21, 2018

Review: Spamly Warthington: (almost) Secret Agent by Kyle Schaberg & Jack Schaberg

A Royal Mystery
by Kyle Schaberg & Jack Schabert
Illustrated by Amber Schaberg
WriteWind Press
Middle Grade Mystery / Spy

Sure, being a spy-in-training is cool, especially when your best friend Mortimer Goldpots is a genius inventor of gadgets and you get to cruise around town in your very own mini-convertible. Still, after all the training and study Spamly's gone through, he's itching to get out in the field and prove himself. 
You know that saying about being careful what you wish for? When the royal pig is swiped from the royal palace, the grown-ups who run the spy-in-training agency assign Spamly the task of retrieving it. Diving headfirst into the case, the pint-size hero soon finds himself in a battle of wits with his soon-to-be arch enemy. One thing's for certain: it'll take every last drop of what Spamly's learned—and some of what he hasn’t—to save the pig's royal bacon. 

A Royal Mystery delivers a roller coaster of adventure, excitement, laughs, twists, turns, and intrigue all without having to stand in line or sit in the seat recently vacated by a kid with bladder-control issues. 

Find your favorite reading spot and settle in—Spamly's epic journey awaits. Just don't turn the pages too fast—we'd hate for your fingers to catch on fire. 

Hey, it happens.


James Bond, watch out! Here comes Spamly, and he's as interesting as his name.

Spamly was a normal kid until a boring day of listening in on a courtroom for educational reasons leads to a short adventure. Next thing Spamly knows, he's a spy in training.High tech gadgets, fighting skills and all that other good stuff become part of his daily life. When a mission has him trying to discover the kidnapper of the royal pig, the real adventure begins.

While stuffed with all the excitement and action of a 007 movie, this story is still as quirky as the character's name. Spamly is a very good spy with a wonderful, high-tech partner at his side. The two go back and forth in a fun relationship. But then, all of the characters are colorful and carry whimsical traits to keep the humor high. It's fast-paced with surprises around every bend, and a bad guy to really enjoy.

The book as a distinct narration style, which holds thick most of the way through. It jumps around as energetic as the bouncy thoughts of Spamly's brain and adds humorous tidbits all over the place. It's a style readers will either love or have troubles connecting to. Either way, Spamly never has a boring moment, and spy fans are going to get their fill of thrills.

And here they are. . .

Kyle Schaberg is a guy that believes just because you get older doesn’t mean you have to grow up. When he isn’t documenting the adventures of Spamly, Kyle enjoys collecting action figures, watching movies, and trying to keep up with his little boy. 

Jack Schaberg is a mid-Michigan-based author who enjoys sharing his slightly off-kilter writing style with readers everywhere. In addition to the Spamly Warthington book series (book #2 is in the works), Jack's co-written two books on business and several screenplays, three of which he also produced and directed. When he's not writing, he's deciding what to write next.

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