Friday, May 18, 2018

Review: Golden Sparkles by Catarina R. Peterson

An Introduction to Mindfulness
by Catarina R. Peterson
Illustrated by Matega Aikova
Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd
Picture Book
28 pages

“Listen to your body. It isn’t hard to do. All it takes is a minute, even if you’re feeling blue”.

Golden Sparkles are in every child’s heart, a gift from the universe connecting them to others and to their own feelings. Colourful, energetic artwork by Mateya Arkova, 2017 International Book Awards Winner and 2017 Gold Medal Reader’s Favorite in Children’s Nonfiction, brings to life the adventures of Dahlia, Victor and Bluu as they grow in mindfulness, learning to listen with all of their senses to what their bodies have to tell them each moment of every day.

Through its transporting story and included glossary and exercises, Golden Sparkles offers a brief and beautifully illustrated introduction to key mindfulness concepts such as breathing, being present, and addressing emotions non-judgmentally for children from ages 5 to 10. This accessible book can be shared by a teacher or parent or read by children on their own to discover and practice a valuable tool that helps them respond to challenging emotions and thrive.


With lots of happy feelings, this book offers a way to help children be aware of their own feelings and those of others by remaining mindful.

After a foreword from the author which explains mindfulness and the purpose of the book, it dives into the heart. Every page uplifts with its words, concentrating on the happiness and not being afraid of listening to the feelings inside. at the end, there's a glossary as well as several exercises adults may use to help further mindfulness in children.

The text is short, sweet and always encouraging. It closely snuggles with the idea of sparkles, giving inside feelings a cheerful glow. It's easy for even younger listeners to understand and offers lovely imagery.

The illustrations are beautiful and dance through various cultures and races, allowing not only the people but, through small details, a bit of the foreign settings, to shine through. The illustrations alone are a treat and echo diversity.

With the intent of this book in mind, it is nicely done. It offers a tool to help children become more mindful of themselves and remains in a very positive light.

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