Thursday, May 24, 2018

Review: Isosceles' Day by Kevin J Meehan

by Kevin J. Meehan
Isosceles' Holdings LLC
Picture Book
32 pages
ages 4 and up

From being awakened by friend Mole, to a breakfast of dancing eggs, howling and grunting with Moose, time spent with Frog and Platypus, lunchtime with Lizard, playing it cool with Mouse, listening to drums with Prairie Dog, riding in a wagon with Rhino, drinking from a hose with Goose, and a lullaby with Frog, come share a fun day with Isosceles, a happy rescue dog, and his animal friends! 


Jumping into a fantasy world all of it's own, this book combines ridiculousness and amazing illustrations into a dreamlike world.

Isosceles is a dog and is woken up by his friend, Mole, to experience a day like no other. Together with other friends, Mole presents everything from dancing eggs, lunch with Lizard, and so much more. By the end of the day, Isosceles has many experiences to dream about.

This book is a little more off-beat from the average picture book with its deliciously, quirky humor and twists which stray a bit out of the box. The story isn't told through a traditional plot form, but rather jumps from one moment to the next. The style hits a little peculiar but is somehow endearing at the same time. Each animal friend presents their day's spotlight of fun through a whimsical, four-lined rhyme—some flowing better than others. Each one hits with fantasy pure in its own, original way.

The illustrations are a real treat. With amazing details, they snuggle close to realistic while incorporating nonsensical silliness. For example, a very true to life frog balances along a thread while wearing a thimble on his head and wielding a sewing needle. Young listeners (and adults) will enjoy these pictures alone.

This isn't the usual picture book but invites to a different sort of fantastical journey, one which will grab readers or leave them wondering what just hit them.

And here he is. . .

As a child, the author experienced a similar life condition as Isosceles. Not having much of a home, love or sense of protection and safety, he has a very special understanding of Isosceles' early years. As a diplomat of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and an integrative health care practitioner for almost three decades, he recognizes the importance of the compassion essential in helping others; people and animals. The author's commitment to helping animals and humans, coupled with his passion for biochemistry, lead him to design a unique, patented, line of canine orthomolecular supplements to nurture dogs back to health in a natural way. One of his favorite quotes is, "With the eyes of a child we learn how to see"!

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