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Cover Reveal: Hiro Loves Kite by Lauren Nicolle Taylor


Author Lauren Nicolle Taylor holding Nora and Kettle in print for the first time.
It isn't every day that you get the chance to read a novel that sticks with you for days, months, and years. That's exactly what readers have described Nora and Kettle by Lauren Nicolle Taylor as. Requests for a follow-up story poured in after the release of this Award-Winning and Best-Selling novel that was written as a stand-alone, and requests have continued to flood author Lauren Nicolle Taylor's inbox up to two years later. Readers and well, even us here at Clean Teen Publishing, wanted to know where Nora and Kettle's story would take them. Thankfully Author Lauren Nicolle Taylor listened to her many fan requests and wrote an amazing follow-up novel that will not disappoint. Hiro Loves Kite is scheduled to release on September 17, 2018 in digital format. Be sure to add this title to your To Be Read List on Goodreads and check out the cover reveal below. We'd love to hear your thoughts on this cover and what you think about this exciting follow-up novel. Please drop us a line or two in the comments.

COVER REVEAL: HIRO LOVES KITE by Lauren Nicolle Taylor

Available in digital format on September 17, 2018 and paperback on March 4, 2019.

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The captivating story of Nora and Kettle continues in Hiro and Kite, the second installment in the award-winning Paper Stars historical fiction series by Lauren Nicole Taylor.
We offer our wounds and scars. Understanding that is part of what makes us beautiful.
Nora finally has her beloved sister Frankie back, but that's just the beginning of their struggles. She must now become Kite; a stronger, more independent version of herself — a king and a guardian.
Kettle has Kite's heart. But something holds him back; a feeling that he doesn't deserve good things. It's a looming shadow that threatens to separate them. Kettle must accept that he is also Hiro: A Japanese American with every right to happiness and freedom.
Hiro loves Kite — but Kite won't wait forever for him to tell her. And now they're standing on icy ground. The leverage they had on Kite's abusive father has wavered, and life on the street is affecting Frankie's health. Snow is gathering at the station doors, and doubts are piling high…they must rely on each other; believe in the magic that got them this far. If they don't, it's not just their future in jeopardy—but the fates of all the street kids in their care; all the Kings.
Fans of Nora and Kettle have asked for more of their story since it first hit shelves. By popular demand, Lauren Nicolle Taylor has written this follow-up that is sure to please her readers. Find out why reviewers are calling this series "unforgettable," "powerful," and a "remarkable reimagining of Peter Pan."

Nora & Kettle Lauren Nicolle Taylor Published by: Clean Teen Publishing Genres: Historical, Young Adult
2017 IPPY Book Awards Winner! A “remarkable” (Booklist Magazine) reimagining of Peter Pan. After World War II, orphaned Kettle faces prejudice as a Japanese American but manages to scrape by and care for his makeshift family of homeless children. When he crosses paths with the privileged but traumatized Nora, both of their lives are forever changed... Lauren Nicolle Taylor’s Nora & Kettle is a heart-wrenching historical fiction novel that will appeal to fans of books by John Green and Ned Vizzini, novels such as The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Beginning of Everything, Eleanor & Park, The Book Thief, and classics like The Great Gatsby and The Catcher in the Rye.

And here she is. . .
Lauren Nicolle Taylor lives in the lush Adelaide Hills. The daughter of a Malaysian nuclear physicist and an Australian scientist, she was expected to follow a science career path, attending Adelaide University and completing a Health Science degree with Honours in obstetrics and gynaecology. She then worked in health research for a short time before having her first child. Due to their extensive health issues, Lauren spent her twenties as a full-time mother/carer to her three children. When her family life settled down, she turned to writing.
She is an IPPY Award Winner, Kindle Book Awards Semi-finalist, and a USA Best Book Awards Finalist.

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