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Review: Titanic's Fatal Voyage by Kevin Blake

by Kevin Blake
Bearport Publishing
January 1st, 2018
Children's Non-Fiction
32 pages
ages 8 and up

"Iceberg right ahead!" yelled Frederick Fleet, a crewmember aboard the Titanic. The ship had only seconds to spare.Titanic'sofficers steered the ship to the left as quickly as they could to avoid a head-on collision. But they weren't fast enough. The right side of the ship struck the side of the ice mountain floating in the north Atlantic. The fate of theTitanic--and its 1,317 passengers and 885 crewmembers--had been sealed.Titanic's Fatal Voyage tells the devastating story of how the gigantic and supposedly unsinkable ship was swallowed by the sea on its maiden voyage. Readers will learn about the ocean liner's journey in vivid detail, as well as incredible tales of courage and survival. The fascinating content and large-format color images, maps, and fact boxes bring theTitanic's tragic story to life.Titanic's Fatal Voyage ispart of Bearport'sTitanica series.


Although short, these pages hold a small wealth of information surrounding the history—from construction to passengers to the tragedy—of the titanic.

The first pages grab attention by giving a short glimpse of the Titanic the moment the iceberg was first spotted. After this raised tension, it slides back to explain the dreams behind the development and design of the huge, luxury ship. In two-page spread sections, various moments and facts leading up to the accident are presented. This lay-out keeps the information exciting and concise enough to hold the interest of even more reluctant readers.

Each section of the historical glimpses starts off with a short description, which gives the names of the people involved, various facts surrounding the ship and short explanations. The print is fairly large, making it easy to read. More difficult terms are placed in bold and can be found again in the glossary at the end of the book. While these paragraphs do hold the brunt of the historical facts, it's the added remarks thrown in among the pictures and illustrations which make this book fun.

The text is supported by bright and very clear photographs, which not only bring the historical side alive, but also add assistance on understanding more technical aspects of the history and ship. There are dabs of extra and fun facts scattered among the pages, which deepen the knowledge but also, are simply fun to read.

This books does stick to hard facts. Although it can be read in one sitting, it's the kind of book to go back to and check certain pieces of information later again. Some of the information is well-known, while other things will probably be a surprise. The addition of real photographs, especially of the passengers, adds a nice touch.

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Get ready to set sail on the greatest—and most doomed— ship ever built. In this riveting new series, children will learn about all things Titanic. They will explore how the massive ship was built, get to know the Titanic’s passengers and crew, and experience, in vivid detail, the terrible accident that sealed the ship’s fate. Readers will also delve into the famous shipwreck, as well as uncover the spooky and mysterious tales that surround the Titanic. The fascinating content and large-format color images, maps, and fact boxes bring the tragic story to life.
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Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

I have always been fascinated by the tragedy of the Titanic. I have a few fictional accounts of it, but this sounds like a very special book.