Thursday, April 26, 2018

Review: Mon Petit Busy Day by Annette Tamarkin

by Annette Tamarkin
Little Simon
Board Book / Activity Book
ages 2 to 5
12 pages

Introducing Mon Petit Busy Day, an oversized busy book with eye-catching art that lets little ones discover, learn, and play with first concept surprises.

Mon Petit Busy Day features brilliant hands-on lessons that are perfect for curious readers who are preparing for Pre-K! Trace lines with your fingers to learn hand-eye coordination. Play a memory game with simple shapes hidden under lift-the-flaps. Learn left from right or up from down with moving tabs. Mon Petit Busy Day even introduces colors, counting, clocks, search-and-finds, and more! This busy book is filled with simple and engaging first concepts presented in a striking art style that will delight parents and children alike.


Bright and happy, this book holds fun activities for little hands and makes practicing hand-eye coordination fun.

With a robust size, this is a great book for small hands to explore. The pages are thick, sturdy and easy for very young readers to grab and flip through. Every page is bright and bold with simple and recognizable items such as flowers, a paint brush and a hand. Warmth, smiles and joy radiate from the illustrations and invite to play. The activities range from basic counting, simple directions to color recognition and more. Some activities are simple, while others will fit the upper range of 5 years nicely.

What makes this book fun is the variety of activities. There's something new on each page. Each one is easy to decipher and provides a wonderful practice at hand-eye coordination along the way. The only draw back is the shorter length (which, however, only shows how fun this book is since I would like it longer), and that the flaps on the activities must be handled with a little care by the youngest readers. Although after being tested by the tugging and pulling of my kids a few times, are sturdier and tougher than they appear.

This book is a real treat and sure to put smiles on kids faces as they hit each of the activities and even learn something too.

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