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Review: Grandma's Special Birthday Party by Sue Kim and Veronica Yang

by Sue Kim & Veronica Yang
Second Avenue Publishing
Picture Book 
ages 3 and up
36 pages

Sue Kim is a sewing pattern designer and author. Sue runs the website ithinksew.com; selling her popular bags, shoes, and clothing in PDF format for sewers to enjoy it around the world. She is currently working on another book with C&T and on another edition of One Yard Wonders.
Veronica is Sue’s daughter. She is the best partner for Sue even when she was 7-years old and she became a sewing book author too.
After we're finished with the dolls we wanted to share stories and our experiences through them. My daughter and I got started to work on this story book.



There are those books which just have an extra special flair, and this is one of them.

Abby and Ally are twins, curious ones who discover a chest in the attic. Inside, they find all sorts of beautiful dresses from several different countries. When their aunt comes to visit, she explains the dresses were made for her and their mother's International Days at school when they were younger. The idea of wearing dresses from all over the world is exciting and leads to a huge surprise.

The story is sweet and wholesome with a lovely international flare. The girls, their friends and family all share a wonderful relationship which is wholesome and warming as they come up with the ideas together. The text is great as a read-aloud and wonderful for more secure readers, who want to tackle the book on their own. The vocabulary works well for ages four and up, and invites to conversation along the way. At the end of the book is a fabulous glossary, where dresses from various countries are presented as if in a fashion display.

It's the illustrations, or in this case, pictures, which make this book. The authors display their talent and creation with these self-made characters and scenes. The love and time put into each page more than pays off. It gives the entire book a feel of higher quality, and even the younger listeners immediately value the effort. Each page invites to gazing, and the small details insure there are new surprises even when flipping through the book time and again. As a special bonus, the puppets even carry the wide span of diversity, which is embraced today.

This is a lovely read. The story is straight forward and the international side is educational as well as fun. The care and warm put into this book radiates from every page and makes it something special.

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