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Review: Don't Ever Look Behind Door 32 by B.C.R Fegan

by B.C.R Fegan
Illustrated by Lenny Wen
Picture Book
32 pages 
ages 4 and up

Don’t Ever Look Behind Door 32 is a new picture book (recommended for ages 3 to 8), written by award winning author B.C.R. Fegan and illustrated by Lenny Wen. It is set to be released in March 2018, published by TaleBlade press.

Don’t Ever Look Behind Door 32 takes young readers on a journey through the magical Hotel of Hoo, a mysterious place with some very unusual occupants. As readers explore the strange hotel, they are invited to experience everything it has to offer with just one warning… don’t ever look behind door 32.

Behind each of the doors in the Hotel of Hoo, leading up to Door 32, readers meet and greet a bevy of characters who have taken up residence at the hotel, from ghosts cooking roasts, to paintbrush-wielding elves, tea-drinking monsters, miniature giants, and more.

This imaginative picture book aims to take children beyond the first ten cardinal numbers, and introduces them to the patterns of counting in a fun and accessible way. With rooms to explore and unique objects to count, children will enjoy lingering on each page as they make their way closer to the forbidden door. Recommended for ages 3 to 8.


Packed with slightly creepy but wonderfully fun fantastical creatures and monsters, this hotel carries surprises behind every door. . .just don't peek behind door 32.

Two children find themselves at the magical Hotel of Hoo, where the owner, Mr. Nicholas Noo, is ready to show them to their rooms and give them a tour. . .and what a tour it is!. . .along the way.

Deliciously delightful, goose bump raising fun doesn't even start to describe this book. It is exactly what young monster and creature fans are looking for. There's a bit of darkness, a bit of chill, tons of imagination and none of it is really scary at all. These monsters might sound awful and hint at frightening, but this book steers them into a dark yet completely humorous world.

The poems are clever, whimsical and flow nicely. While not for the youngest listener, slightly older ones (ages 4 and up) will enjoy hearing this one. And young readers who are more sure of their words  (ages 7 and up) will enjoy going through it themselves. There's always something unexpected awaiting on the next page, which makes it impossible to put this one down.

The illustrations fit the text and bring across the right amount of spooky and fun. There's enough details to allow young listeners to discover new things when they flip through the pages again and again. The characters and monsters appear friendly, keeping away any real scare but still hold a nice level of fascination and curiosity.

This is a great book for young listeners and readers who enjoy testing their toes in the darker side of things without having to worry about hitting any real fears.

My son and daughter both enjoyed this one immensely and insist that it gets a huge thumbs up.

Book Buzz. . .

"B.C.R. Fegan combines the whimsical spirit of a Dr. Seuss book with the spine-tingling mystery of a haunted house in his picture book Don't Ever Look Behind Door 32."

“Fegan and Wen are, book by book, mastering the kid lit genre. With each successive book, their plots and accompanying illustrations take on more depth and even more vibrant characters. From the very first pages, this one has the feel of a classic in-the-making.”
–Literary Titan

“…these are the sort of books which children return to again and again…”
–The Bookbag

And here he is. . .

BCR Fegan is an Australian author who has written a number of fairy tales and fantasies for children and young adults. He is inspired by stories that resonate deeply with our desire for adventure, yearning for magic and search for meaning.

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