Friday, February 10, 2017

Review: Where Do Dreams Come From? by Kim Delgado


by Kim Delgado

Personalized Children’s Picture Book
44 pages

A magical story that will satisfy even the most curious child and expand their imagination about Dream Land, the place where dreams are made. After all, what child wouldn’t love to know "Where Do Dreams Come From?” 

In this magical adventure, your child’s imagination takes them on a visit to Dream Land where they see how dreams are made. They learn about the "Dream Machine" and the fairies that work very hard to make sure that happy dreams are delivered to children around the world. This is the perfect bedtime story to expand your child’s imagination, encourage reading and instill pleasant dreams!

Voted Mom’s Choice Book of the Year Award and featured at the Book Expo NYC at the Jacob Javits Center.



With colorful illustrations and adorable fairies, this very personalized story wanders off into a cute, lively world.

Where do dreams come from? Fairies, of course. And with the help of a special machine and education, these hard working characters do their best to bring the sweetest dreams to kids.

Each book is personalized, according to the intended reader/listener's name as well as a couple other pieces of individual information. This creates a story which is very much directed to that reader--and as I know from my own daughter--will make them feel special every time they here their name spoken. 

The story itself is full of imagination and carries the listener/reader away into a land of bubbly fairies. The dream machine gives a modern, technological twist while still keeping up with a magical world. The descriptions and explanations flow smoothly, creating a lovely scene for the dream makers. Although the amount of text makes it a little long for maybe the youngest listeners, kids 3 and up are sure to enjoy the whimsical story.

The illustrations are bright and have enough details to keep kids visiting time and again. And the story itself is warm, friendly, and even when trouble arises, offers reassurance that everything is under control and will be fine. In other words, a gentle and magical setting for a bedtime read.


It was a beautiful sunny morning in (child’s hometown).  (Child’s name) woke up with a big smile on his/her face because he/she had such a wonderful dream.  (Child’s Name) had a dream about playing their favorite game, with (friends/relative).

As (child’s name) got ready to begin their day, he/she thought, hmm… I wonder where dreams come from? He/She tried to think of the answer, long and hard, but could not think of where dreams came from.  Then (child’s name) got excited – he/she was sure (parents or loved one) would know the answer.  (Child’s name) couldn’t wait to see (parents or loved one) so she could ask.

And here she is. . .
Kim Delgado is owner of KD Novelties an independent publisher of personalized children's books. She has written several award winning children's books and has gotten featured in several publications. 

When she is not busy writing books or running her publishing company, you can find her tutoring children who struggle with reading in her local school district. She is also a board member and serves in her local soup kitchen feeding the homeless and families in need. 



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