Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Review: Sleep, My Little Dreamer by Ksenia Walker

Go To Sleep Book
by Ksenia Walker
Picture Book
24 pages
ages 2 to 5

You may well know how hard it can be to get a young child off to sleep. 
This simple tale with illustrations will help you in this task. 
Ideally this story should be shared in a calm environment. 
It is a story about a butterfly flying in the clouds.


This is a gentle picture book and fulfills its promise as a read to help ease kids to sleep. The text is largely printed, making it easy to read, and there is only a phrase or two on each page. The words are calming and soothing. There's no excitement but rather a flowing journey with images and feelings presented that are intended to help ease a child's mind into sleep-mode.

The illustrations are clear and colorful, but don't change much. The butterfly remains the focus the entire way through, only his flight pattern and sky around him changing slightly from one page to the next. It doesn't invite children to flip through the pages themselves, but then, that's not the point. The butterfly is pleasant and the monotone images allow a child's mind to fall away and not get caught up in details or another adventure.

Summed up, this is a 'put to sleep book' from text to illustration. It's simple enough for the youngest listeners, and will help those small eyes to close and fall into dreamland.

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