Thursday, September 24, 2015

Review: One Dream Only by Elodie Nowodazkij

Broken Dreams Volume 0.5
by Elodie Nowodazkij
YA Contemporary
90 pages

Sixteen-year-old Natalya Pushkaya has one dream and one dream only: becoming the best ballerina ever. Dancing's always been who she is and she's working her hardest to land the main role of the School of Performing Arts' end-of-the-year showcase. But...will she make it? 
Within a week, Natalya's life will be changed forever.


A short but fantastic read! I've already read the book which follows this one, ONE...TWO...THREE, and can honestly say that I found this one even better.

This novella was written after the first book, but that doesn't make it an after-thought. Although some books written like this often feel as if they're the authors way of stacking up a series, ONE DREAM ONLY not only explains the events leading up to the first book but bring depth and understanding which enriches the entire story. I gained a much better insight into Natalya's character and even though I've already read the continuation of her story, sympathize with her more than before.

I was especially impressed with the way the book is put together. The chapters don't follow a chronological order but jump back and forth around the day of the big accident. The author managed to make this time shifting not only easy to follow (it's exactly stated at the beginning of the chapter) but arranged them in a way that brought tension and emotions to their peek. It was a sheer joy to read.

Emotions and depth are one of the best parts of this series, and especially this book. I had no trouble being pulled into Natalya's world, fevered for her auditions, felt her confusion, and wished hope would turn out to be more than a light at the end of the tunnel. Her story pulls at the heart strings and the characters around her help create a believable world. But even when the world crumbles around her, it's great to see Natalya's strength (and weaknesses).

I definitely can recommend this, either before or after reading book one...or even as a read on its own. It's length makes it easy to read in less than an hour, but it leaves the reader craving for more.

Want to know more about the author, Elodie? Or about Natalya?

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