Monday, September 28, 2015

Review: Abbeyloo and Gus the Talking Toad by Tammy Cortez

by Tammy Cortez
Illustrated by Noemie Gionet Landry
Waldorf Publishing
Picture Book 
Ages 3+

AbbeyLoo is a curious little girl with a BIG imagination. This imagination takes AbbeyLoo to some very exciting and often unexpected places. AbbeyLoo loves exploring her backyard. There is always something new to see. Her favorite find is the many toads that roam her backyard. AbbeyLoo loves to carefully catch the toads and pet them and talk to them. Normally they don't talk back, but today is totally different. Follow along with AbbeyLoo on her latest adventure as she meets Gus, the talking toad.


This is a sweet story about a girl's amazing backyard adventure and what an adventure it is! While playing and discovering her backyard, Abbeyloo runs across a talking toad. 

My kids loved this and easily found themselves in Abbeyloo's shoes, wishing they could find a talking toad too. They were sucked into the story and listened closely to the very end. Although this is a fun book, I wouldn't recommend it to kids under four, simply because it's a bit longer adventure than the smallest will have the patience for. And the beginning is a bit slower than younger ones would like, since the story takes the time to set a peaceful and pretty scene. But mine, being a little older, enjoyed it to the very end and my daughter ran off with it to go through it again by herself.

The illustrations are lovely and captured my children's interest. They went through the book several times simply to look at them. In other words, it's everything a picture book for a slightly older group should be, and we hope there will be a second book coming someday.

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