Sunday, June 16, 2024

Kathi Q. Builds A Time Machine? by Jo-Ann Scranton

Doesn't every kid try to build a time machine at one point or another? At least, I and my siblings did. My own kids, too. The results were always....hmmm...interesting? Let's just say that the trains, airplanes, and boats turned out much more complete. Oh, and rocket ships. I'm guessing that time machines are such an 'all possibilities' thing, which makes the construction of one completely left to the imagination. 

I am curious to see where today's book goes and what Kathi Q. considers a time machine. I'm betting it's going to be a bigger surprise than what even my own kids came up with.

by Jo-Ann Scranton
Illustrated by Gabi Moraes
Tielmour Press
Picture Book
ages 4 to 8
44 pages

Kathi loves to tinker and make new machines, but what happens when she tries to make a TIME MACHINE? Things get a little... Upside down! At first, things seem more fun being upside down, but how far can her day go before she needs to change things back to normal...if she can!

This is a unique and original fiction story with STEM-related themes, brilliant illustrations, and an ending that will leave readers of all ages wanting more of Kathi Q!

Bonus: Remember to check out the seek-and-find adventure at the end of the book!



Building a time machine packs more than a few silly surprises, which flip the world as readers see it upside down.

Kathi loves to invent all sorts of things and can't wait to start on a new idea. While eating breakfast, it hits her—she could build a time machine! It's off to the garage to put together all sorts of...well, whatever she finds. Soon her machine is complete. She switches the switches, zips the zippers and more. When the poof of purple smoke settles, she hasn't traveled through time by even a second. Instead, the world has turned upside-down. 

This tale gets those inventor brain-gears turning and inspires readers to see what they can create. Kathi Q. is presented as a character with tons of energy, determination, and ready to take on anything (in the building world). Her excitement is contagious. It's fun to watch her head into the garage, take all sorts of odd and ends, and put them together to create an unique box-thing...ummm...time machine. When silliness ensues, not only are giggles sure to come, but it also gives readers a small nudge to see the world from a different perspective. 

Not only is the enjoyable play between reality and imagination-driven fantasy fitting to the age group, but the text rides at the appropriate reading level. It allows those who have a grip on their words to read it alone and practice their skills, while also making a fun read-aloud, which is sure to grab the curiosity of even more reluctant readers. The illustrations carry an energetic atmosphere and do a lovely job at bringing across details to make the upside-down reality come across nicely and with humor. 

There are a few aspects, which do go against the logic of the likes to follow an opposite gravitational pull...but this adds to the silliness. And imagination has its own rules. 

It's a cute read with creative inspiration and will draw more than a few smiles. 

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