Sunday, June 9, 2024

Baby On Board: Airplane by Sebastien Braun

With vacation time upon us, this read seemed like a timely fit. I flew quite often with my children from Europe to the US. My youngest was only 2 weeks old on her first flight. They were always excited and we made a big deal out of it with a countdown calendar, new (homemade) backpack for each with a pouch on the front to carry their favorite friend with them, and a variety of little games and toys to help against those boring is a long flight across the ocean!

So, this book brought happy memories when I saw it. And I have no doubt I would have bought it for my kids, at that time. 

So, let's see if it's as cute and fun as I hope!

by Sebastien Braun
Candlewick Press
Board Book
8 pages
ages 2 to 4

Climb aboard the airplane in this novelty series about things that go! With tabs to slide and wheels to spin, little ones will love making the tractor move on every page.

All aboard the baby plane.
We’re going on our holiday!
All aboard the baby plane.
Watch the airplanes fly away.

The baby airplane is ready for takeoff! Push and pull the tabs to help the airplane take to the skies—there is so much to see in this bright and busy book. Bursting with adorable animal characters on a special trip through the clouds, this novelty offering from Sebastien Braun will provide plenty of entertainment.



It's off to the skies as the excitement of flying on an airplane hits the pages as important aspects of the adventure are explored.

This is a cute board book for the youngest travelers or airplane enthusiasts out there. Starting in the terminal, a bunch of animal friends are waiting to board. Step by step, the general aspects of flying are presented and that in an enjoyable, light way. 

The illustrations are bright, cheerful and hold tons of details for little listeners to explore, either while the story is being read or on their own. The text works well for a quick 'story' and fits the age group. It adds to the details in the illustrations to explain certain aspects of flying. Together, the two help little readers have a slightly better idea about what to expect when flying, but it doesn't go into too many details, either. And airplane fans will find themselves dreaming of flying themselves.

The flaps and such add a little more fun and hold small surprises, which fit each situation and illustration. These are created with smaller hands in mind and do take a bit of abuse.

And here he is...

Sebastien Braun is the author and illustrator of many books, including Raj and the Best Day Ever!, as well as the illustrator of the Can You Say It Too? series. As a child he spent countless hours drawing and filled his homework with doodles and portraits of his teachers. After graduating, he spent a few years teaching art before taking the plunge as a freelance illustrator. Apart from creating pictures, his favorite pastimes are making toys from wood, playing with his children, and riding his vintage road bike through England’s Cotswold Hills.

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