Sunday, June 23, 2024

Brave Mermaids: The Sea Dragon by Maria Mandel Dunsche

by Maria Mandel Dunsche
Illustrated by Wathmi de Zoysa
Merlion Publishing
Picture Book
38 pages
ages 3 to 7

Drake, the sea dragon is one of the crabbiest creatures in the ocean. But one day, Lexa and Livi, the mermaid sisters decide to pay Drake a visit. Will they be able to unlock the magic in his heart?



Fantasy heads under the sea, where caring mermaids and an adorable dragon learn valuable life lessons.

Drake is a sea dragon and a cranky one, too. When the two mermaids, Lexa and Livi, decide to visit him and invite him to play, Drake demands they go away. Confused and hurt, the little mermaids learn of Drake's problems—the other sea creatures tease him because of his wings, and so he no longer wants to talk to anyone. But Lexa and Livi aren't ready to give up and are determined to make a new friend.

This book is one in a series of three, which centers around the adventures of two mermaids. The two mermaids are sweet and kind, inviting readers into a wholesome and enjoyable atmosphere. Each ocean scene is very bright and bold, letting the vibrant life come across with energy and confidence. This world of cheerful fantasy offers a positive foundation and contrasts nicely as Lexa and Livi meet an adorable-looking dragon, whose attitude hits with sudden harshness. Before readers can begin to dislike the dragon, the problem becomes clear and it's easy to sympathize with the dragon's situation. The message also comes across loud and clear, and slides into the area of celebrating differences and developing friendships.

It's a smooth story, which makes a nice read-aloud. The solid, narrative style leads through each moment, making it clear as the illustrations add life and emotions. Especially younger readers will enjoy the characters and scenes.

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