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All in Together by Iris Moran

Today's read heads into nonfiction...oh, how I love nonfiction! Yep, I'll say it again—that's been the go-to section of the library of my family for, at least, a couple generations. Both sides. Even my seventeen-year-old daughter has been heading to the nonfiction section every single visit to the library the last weeks (the summer reading program is awesome!), picking up...well, even the librarian has been surprised. (Basics of Constitutional Law, Facts about the Bird Flu, Unsolved Mysteries of the 1980s, Basic Electronics, and more). She says that there's so much to life she hasn't learned yet.

Anyway, today's book heads into jump rope songs and rhymes. I would have loved this as a kid, and my daughter admits that although it wasn't the most visited activity during her elementary/middle school early years, it would have been fun to add to the list when her and her friends did jump rope. What shocked me was that there are 230 in these pages. 230!!! I didn't know that many existed!

So, let's dive in and discover these rhymes.


Classic Jump Rope Songs
by Iris Moran
Nona Books
Children's Nonfiction
160 pages
ages 6 and up

Get ready to skip, hop, and jump to the rhythm with over 230 classic skipping songs. From "Cinderella Dressed in Yellow" to "Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear," these rhymes are perfect for solo skipping or group fun.

Not only are these rhymes a blast from the past, but they also create a special connection between generations. Grandmothers can reminisce about their childhood memories while sharing quality time with their grandkids. Let's turn your playground into a stage with our Jump Rope Rhymes - where every skip is a step towards fun and family bonding.

This collection of over 230 songs is a magical window into the past, offering a glimpse into lives from a different era-a time without social media, filled with innocence and folklore rhymes to tell the story. Designed for kids, this book is bursting with rich illustrations inspired by the vibrant style of the 50s.

Connect Between Generations:
Create cherished memories as grandparents share their favorite jump rope rhymes with their grandkids.

One of the Biggest Collections of Rhymes:
Offering more than 230 classic and original songs that have entertained children for decades.

Illustrations from the 50s:

Step back in time with charming illustrations that capture the nostalgic charm of the 1950s. Vibrant colors, retro style, and whimsical characters bring each rhyme to life, sparking the imagination and delighting readers of all ages.

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What a fun read! This book dives into world of jump roping and takes a look at the various rhymes and sayings used when playing this long-loved game/sport. 

There are over 230 songs/rhymes in these pages, and I was amazed that there are truly that many. The author has done her homework and collected a very varied list. The book starts out with a few, short thoughts: what skipping rhymes are, a tiny bit of history, types of rhymes, and a little humor. Then, it divides into several chapters, which categorize the rhymes by themes. All of the rhymes and chapters are listed in the table of contents to make finding them simple. At the beginning of each chapter, there's a short description concerning the theme, which holds some interesting and fun tidbits. 

The rhymes are written with nice spacing and clarity, letting each one shine despite the huge amount. Directions to the rhymes are added as necessary (skip faster, touch the ground, etc). These are easy to understand and help readers know exactly what to do. Several of the songs/rhymes have some interesting information added on the side (historical context or other interesting curiosities). All of this is written in a concise manner, which also stays playful and light. It fits the intended audience very well and steers away from boring and dry with ease. To top things off, there are a few puzzles scattered among the pages, too. It's a thorough and well-done collection, which doesn't forget the fun along the way.

The illustrations keep the atmosphere enjoyable and playful. I'll admit that I blinked twice at the old fashioned cover and wondered how that would work for a kids' book (not sure it will grab that first, needed interest), but the illustrations inside add just the right touch and leave a sense of carefree joy. The 'old fashioned' atmosphere works well between the songs and gives it a sense of timelessness and warmth.

This is a great book to grab up and discover already known and many forgotten songs/rhymes. For kids, who want to show their friends that they know something the others don't, it's an awesome resource. But even adults, who are nostalgic, will enjoy this one. Not only will it bring back memories, but the sidenotes are quite intriguing.

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