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Today's read... Hunted by Bella Higgin

 Today's read is part of the Belle Morte series. I have read one of the first books in the series and have found those to be very fast paced. While still considered YA-ish, it's definitely on the more mature end and this last book does hit more the NA end. There are triggers surrounding violence, gore, death, and heavier intimate scenes, although these don't get overly graphic, either. This did start as a YA series, and that's why I've decided to review this one, too.

Belle Morte, #3
by Bella Higgin
Wattpad Books
YA Fantasy
368 pages

APRIL 16th!!!

With the help of Renie and Edmond, the battle for Belle Morte has been fought and won. However, the bigger fight is not over, as enemy vampires have escaped into the city and the future of vampirekind hangs in the balance. The escapees must be brought to justice - and fast.

For fellow Belle Morte celebrity, the reclusive vampire Ludovic de Vauban, this is the perfect opportunity to confront his fears about the world beyond the mansion's walls. But he can't do this alone. Enter donor Roux Hayes;. accomplished liar, quick thinker, and street savvy human. She can help Ludovic navigate a world that has long since left him behind.

As the unlikely duo work together to preserve a future for their friends, they discover a mutual passion that neither of them expected, one that burns hotter than anything either of them have ever experienced. But the shadow of old enemies stretches longer than they ever imagined and threatens not only every one they love, but also the new love they have found in each other.


Glittery vampires have nothing to do with this high-tension packed read, where danger lurks behind every corner and the deception is thicker than blood.

The vampire haven, Belle Morte, has survived the attempt revolt but has suffered huge damage on the image vampires had in the human world. Where they were respected and awed before, mistrust and fear are digging their claws into human society. It will take a long time to regain trust, but the vampires are determined to win it back....that's if they can hunt down the last rogues. Although still human, Renie is determined to help her friends and sets off as a liaison between humans and vampires, since the vampires' seclusion from the human world has left them more than a little out-of-touch. But even this position will be more dangerous than any adventure she's faced so far.

While I have read one of the first books in this series, it's been a while back. So, my memory was more than a bit hazy. This didn't prove to be a problem, though, since the author has woven just enough background story in to make it easy to sink into this world. I still recommend reading this as a series.

This is a fast-paced, high-tension read and drives forward the entire way through. As an action-girl, I was thrilled and read this in only two sittings (and that because I did need sleep). Well-woven intrigue mixes with mystery and increasing danger to keep the reader guessing until the very end. Every time the intentions seemed clear, it would twist in unexpected ways. The danger raised with every page as did the brutality. But then, vampires aren't exactly pink, puffy creatures.

The unique relationship between the vampires and humans gains depth thanks to the mix of remaining star-struck attitudes (as seen in the books before) with fear and hate. It adds an interesting back and forth as Renie deals with the police, and works in thoughts surrounding societal views, reactions, prejudices, and more. There are also smaller subplots worked in, which take peeks at human nature. Of course, there's the romance, which works well enough and adds more emotion.

This is a grabbing read with tons to enjoy. At times, some aspects didn't click quite as smoothly as they could, but it wasn't enough to break the fun. The romance also hit a little off on the emotional and pacing for me, but I'm pretty sure this is just a personal thing, and many readers will sink right in.

I do recommend this one to vampire fans, who enjoy romance with intrigue, mystery, action, and very high-stakes. 

And here she is...

Bella Higgin fell in love with vampire fiction after reading an illustrated copy of Dracula as a kid, so it was inevitable that her debut novel would be about vampires. She currently lives in a small English town not far from the sea, where she writes full time. Her works on Wattpad have amassed more than twelve million reads. One day she hopes to have enough money to build a TARDIS in her garden.

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