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Today's read... Ballerina Wisdom for Dance and Life by Once Upon A Dance


Ballerina Wisdom for Dance and Life

Reflections and Advice for Pre-Professional Dancers by Once Upon a Dance

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February 27 - March 01

27 pages

ages 8 to 18

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* A Celebration of Ballet and Beauty! *

Discover the magic and grace of ballet in this charming book that features tips and advice from dancers, alongside gorgeous watercolor illustrations. Whether you're an aspiring dancer or a fan of the art form, you'll find inspiration and joy on every page.

Ballerina Wisdom for Dance and Life is the perfect gift for anyone who loves dance. Performers and artists of all ages will appreciate the sage wisdom. Teen and adult dancers who dream of a professional ballet career will relish the stunning images and apply these secrets to success!

Brought to you by the mother-daughter duo, Once Upon a Dance, named a Top 10 Author (2022) by Outstanding Creator Awards and honored with over 50 book awards and a Kirkus Star. They donate all royalties to charities through 2030. Teacher Terrel grew up dancing, and she taught dance for decades. Ballerina K is living her dreams as a professional ballerina.


With inspiring and uplifting messages, this book offers a bounty of wisdom for ballerinas, dancers, and more.

Each page holds words of wisdom with dancers in mind. The passages are short and pack punch, making them just right for a small jolt of encouragement, support, inspiration, or simply warmth. They are easy to digest and bring food for thought as they address various moments all dancers face at one time or another. It's clear that the authors speak from experience, and each saying comes across as honest and open. It's the type of book to grab up time and again, picking out those words which are needed most at the moment.

The illustrations display ballet dancers in various moves and positions. These are very well done, carry a dreamy atmosphere, and will ring familiar with anyone involved in ballet. It was a treat simply to flip through these and gaze at them.

At the end of the book, several more thoughts and tips are presented in a blocked if trying to stuff in extra goodness. These are also very insightful and offer gems of wisdom and knowledge. 

This makes a great gift or is even a lovely edition to the home library. While the words do concentrate on ballet, they ring true for many other areas, where resilience, patience, continual practice, and more are constantly required. It's a book, which offers so much more than a quick read. 

About the authors...

Once Upon a Dance is a mother-daughter duo who share a passion for dance and storytelling. Teacher Terrel and Ballerina Konora create books that spark imagination and inspire children to move, breathe, and connect.

Five series span ages 3-16::
๐Ÿ“– Dance Stories with Props (for age 3+)
๐Ÿ“– Dance-It-Out! Creative Movement Stories (4-9) 
๐Ÿ“– Dancing Shapes: Ballet and Body Awareness (6-9)
๐Ÿ“– Ballet Inspiration & Choreography Concepts (8-12)
๐Ÿ“– Ballerina Moments: Insights, Ideas, and Inspiration aboutDance (12-16)

Once Upon a Dance was named a Top 10 Author of 2023 by Outstanding Creator Awards, and they’ve been honored by over 50 book awards and 2000+ 5-star reviews. They donate all royalties this decade to charities supporting the arts, animals, environment, or people. Visit for more info.

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