Friday, November 24, 2023

Today's read... Teaching Eddie to Fly by Katarina Macurova

The second I saw this cover, I wanted to pick this one up and take a peek. I don't know if it's the cute little bear or the predicament the ostrich is in, but I found the idea cute. 

Note: This one is going onto my possible favorites of the year list.

by Katarina Macurova
Beaming Books
Picture Book
32 pages
ages 4 to 8

Eddie is a bird, but he can't fly! His friend Ernest, a bear, decides he's going to help Eddie learn to fly--with hilarious and unanticipated results. Along the way, both Ernest and Eddie learn some valuable lessons. Is Eddie even meant to fly? Or is there something else he's even better at? Quirky and fun, Teaching Eddie to Fly will have kids laughing while challenging them to think about what they're good at, and what makes them unique.



An adorable pair of friends heads out to achieve the impossible, and it's hard not to cheer for them the entire way.

Eddie is an ostrich. A bird. So, his friend, Ernest, is convinced Eddie can fly. He just has never been taught how. Luckily, there isn't a better teach in the entire world than Ernest. With one theory after the other, the two try everything and anything to accomplish this dream, but whether or not it works remains to be seen.

Everything about this tale puts a smile on the face. The odd pair of friends, an ostrich and a little bear, fit perfectly to the quirky, yet super sweet situation. Ernest's desire to do anything to help his friend comes from the heart, while Eddie has a trust, which inspires. They go from one idea to the next, each attempt more interesting than the last. None of them end up with even the slightest hint of a negative direction, but everything stays in a wholesome...albeit silly...realm. Eddie's expressions, though subtle, are as golden as Ernest's determination. The two guarantee giggles, while warming the heart.

The text is kept simple and short, giving just enough to keep the story rolling along. It makes a great read aloud for even the younger end of the reading audience. The illustrations are gentle and still let the humor sit very well. 

It's sure to become one of those reads which ends with the words 'again' .

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