Thursday, November 16, 2023

Today's read... Simon the Snake by Diane Blue Brooks Britt

by Diane Blue Brooks Britt
Illustrated by Alyssa Grizenko
Monarch Educational Services
Picture Book
41 pages
ages 4 to 8

FEBRUARY 6th, 2024!!!

Simon and his new friends play games in the forest. When his best pal, Rabbie Rabbit, suggests they play a game of Forest Friends baseball, Simon feels left out. Read how friends can work together to make sure each has a role to play.
Making new friends, Inclusion, Sports, Games



Friendship and forming new ones rings true and warming in a calming read, which inspires to play.

Simon lives in the forest and enjoys slinking through the grass, but it would be fun to have friends to play with. When he meets Rabbie Rabbit, things are wonderful...but it'd be nice to have more friends, too. So, the two head off to discover more creatures of the forest and might go through some ups and downs along the way.

This read circles around friendship and hits topics such as forming friendships, patience, inclusion, and openness to new ideas. In other words, it's a wholesome read. Simon is a gentle snake, and it's easy to connect with him from the very first page. The range of animals introduced goes beyond the 'usual' ones found in picture books and broadens readers' horizons on that front, too. Each encounter offers a different situation and demonstrates that forming friendships isn't always easy but worth the effort.

Good vibes and atmosphere radiate from these pages, making it simply a 'good' book to pick up and read. It's very appropriate for the age group and creates a nice read-aloud as well as a lovely read for those who are pretty sure of their words. There's just enough tension to keep it interesting without ever pushing the borders even for sensitive readers. Homeschoolers will also find this to be one to grab up without a second thought and use to encourage those word skills. 


Natalie Aguirre said...

It's cool that the book introduces kids to animals they might not know. I'll keep it in mind for a gift.

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks for your review, Tonja. I'll share this with the Monarch team!

Sandy Green said...

What a lovely book! Such cute illustrations!