Thursday, June 1, 2023

What's Coming in June?

As I look at this month's pile of books, I see a lot of middle grade. Middle grade, middle grade, and more middle grade. Of course, there are picture books, graphic novels, and some young adult reads mixed in, too, but this month will hold many treats for those readers ages 8 to 12. (Summer reading time!!!)

Actually, I'm really excited about the titles coming up this month...but then, I always am. There are some gems in the mix...or at least, they do appear to be. I read the books only the evening before posting. So, I'm in the dark until the last minute. 

Here's a tiny peek at what's coming, although I'd love listing every single one. But where's the fun in that?


With tons of humor and heart, this read centers around an often overlooked eating disorder referred to as ARFID - a picky-eater or selective food interest direction. It's been getting good reviews and caught my attention. I'm expecting it to hit themes such as bullying, too. Find out more tomorrow (the 2nd)!

Middle Grade Contemporary


I've had this one on my book pile for quite awhile and have been waiting to finally have the chance to pick it up and enjoy. Time travel meets an academy, where danger lurks and action is guaranteed. It's the first in a new series, and my expectations are high. Find out more with me on its release day, the 6th!

Young Adult Fantasy / Time Travel


The title made me do a double-take...and I have no doubt it will catch the attention of young readers, too. This one takes a swim into the ecosystem and oceans. I'm betting that it delivers information in a super-cute way and am looking forward to meeting the young whale and his friends. I'll be plunging into these pages on the 8th.

Picture Book


Sold as Aru Shah meets One Thousand and One Nights, this novel promises fantasy with Arabian flair. There should be djinn, sorcerers, flying carpets, and more in what appears to be an exciting journey. I'm really hoping that this one is packed with imaginative richness and builds an amazing world, so the reader can really sink into the heroine's adventures. Join the magical winds with me on the 9th.

Middle Grade Fantasy


This read has been staring up at me from my pile for quite a while, now. And how I've wanted to grab it up! But I had to wait for release day. (sigh) It centers around a girl, whose great-great-great...well, whatever grandmother was hung as a witch...but maybe she was really a witch! There's mystery, secrets, hunting in libraries, and more. And the promise of something sinister lurking in the shadows. Doesn't that sound perfect? Discover more with me on the 13th.

Middle Grade Mystery / Paranormal


I haven't read this series, yet, and will be jumping right in with the third adventure. This is an interactive read...which I'm not sure what that means but promises to be tons of fun. I'm thinking the reader will have to think right along (maybe puzzles, choices and such?) It seems to have something to do with time travel and all sorts of surprises. Perhaps, even spooky ones? I'll find out more on the 16th.

Middle Grade Adventure


The cover caught my attention on this read...a fuzzy monster cuddling up with the kid just screams goodness and fun. It is supposed to hit more serious themes such as loss, while holding tons of goodness and friendship, too. I'm hoping this one will be a treat and will let you know on the 18th.

Picture Book


A comic book and tons of fun? Sounds perfect! This is a spin-off of The Last Kids on Earth and takes the familiar gang on a new adventure as they discover that their favorite comic book series has come to an end...and decide to continue it themselves. I'm expecting tons of silliness, adventure, and pure ridiculous moments. Be prepared to laugh with me on the 20th.

Middle Grade Adventure/Humor  Graphic Novel


This is the first in a science fiction series, which surrounds inter-planetary intrigue with a hint of dystopian threats. I'm expecting quite a bit of action and heart as the main character is on a mission to rescue her father and ends up facing more than a few gray areas and tough decisions. I'll be reviewing the 1st in this series on the 24th and the 2nd on the 30th.

Young Adult Science Fiction


Have you heard of a middle grade novel surrounding a deli? I hadn't. So, this one definitely caught my attention. It's about a girl, who is trying to save her family's deli from being over-run by a larger chain. I'm expecting some funny moments, friendships, and...if I understood correctly... recipes as well as more than a few illustrations. Join me for the fun on the 28th.

Middle Grade Contemporary

Every month, I have more books on my reading pile than days to review. So each month, I choose one book from these 'extras' and place it in my Joker category because the publishing industry is a hectic place...and I always have a spot or two, which suddenly open up. 
This month I'm choosing:


If you can't tell by the cover, this one has been chalking up one prize after the other. I'm expecting tons of heart and a bit of magical realism. And no, I'm not drawn to this one because of my own, green-house dreams. Nope, not one bit. (Yep, I might be lying a bit).

When will I get to this one? I'm not sure quite yet, but keep your eyes open!

Middle Grade Magical Realism

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