Sunday, June 4, 2023

Today's read... Commotion in the Ocean by Sarah Borg

Today's read comes from an author, whose works I've read before and enjoyed. This one can be considered a companion read to We Are the Ocean and does carry a couple of characters from that read. These can be completely read alone or separate from each other, though.

by Sarah Borg
Groundswell Books
Picture Book
28 pages
ages 4 to 7

A story in poetic verse with whimsical illustrations of friendly sea characters captivates young kids as they learn about the problem of overfishing our ocean.

 With the word spreading from coral reefs to across the ocean, a meeting is called to hatch a plan of defense against fishing trawlers (aka “the monsters”). Brightly colored crabs and lobsters, sea snails, polka-dotted fish, and whales and dolphins rally together and appeal—with a hug and a kiss—to humans to hear their plea and make the right choices when they shop. 

A sweet Sea Shepherd shanty informs youngsters about crews sailing the seas to protect whales, dolphins, and fish in need. It invites us all to join these kind individuals and help keep our oceans clean and full of fish. A foreword by Captain Paul Watson (founder of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society) reminds adults of the importance of the ocean’s ecosystems in supporting life on Earth

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With more than a dab of fun and fantasy, this read swim through the ocean with an important message.

A monster has appeared and is swallowing up every fish, coral, and crab on the ocean floor. Word spreads fast as the creatures of the ocean try to escape the disaster, but several go a different route and come up with a plan to stop the chaos. 

The illustrations won me over in this read. They aren't only beautiful and give the ocean a lovely tone, but the humorous side beams and shines. Still, the more serious emotions to bring the message across aren't ignored, either. It's fun to simply flip through and take in each and every one.

While there is a very clear and direction in this read, I was surprised how much humor accompanies it. The sea animals have more than a little personality and the 'monster' carries quite a bit of imagination even though it's still recognizable. This creates an engaging read, which will have listeners giggling and smiling more than a few times. 

Everything is written in lyrical rhyme, which flows well. I wonder if it'd been better without, but that's neither here nor there. Kids will be drawn in by the hysterical creatures and enjoy this one from beginning to end.

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