Friday, June 16, 2023

Today's read... The Little Bad Book 3: Your Time Has Come by Magnus Myst

Today's read is the third in a series, and I have, actually, read the first one...although not the 2nd. I didn't read the first one in English, either. This series first appeared in Germany several years ago, and that's also how I stumbled across it the first time. Now, translated into English, I'm excited to dive into the third book and see if it's as fun as I remember it being.

This one just hit the shelves a week or so ago, so it is pretty fresh, too.

The Little Bad Book, #3
by Magnus Myst
Illustrated by Thomas Hussung
Translated by Marshall Yarbrough
Delacorte Press
Middle Grade Adventure
176 pages
ages 8 to 12

In this third book in the Little Bad Book interactive series, yet another secret is revealed to the reader—and this time it's ancient!

Hey, you! Good thing you’re here! See, I need a reader who’s got some guts. And who’s brave and clever and cunning—plus also, ideally, super delicious. Uh, no, not delicious. Forget I said that. Brave and smart, I meant to say. Exactly. Are you brave and smart? And do you want to help me? I promise you if you read me, it’ll be the last thing you . . . uh, no, the best time you’ve ever had in your whole life!

So how about it? Do you dare read me? If so, here's a hint . . . be sure to pack a Time Travel Emergency Kit. You might just need it!



With hints of something slightly sinister, this book dives into adventure, time travel, riddles and more.

The format of this book reminds of the classic Choose Your Own Adventure series. Every so often, readers are asked to turn to a page of their choice (from offered possibilities), which leads them to the next step of their adventure. Various choices lead to different tale twists, making this a read to enjoy more than once. Unlike the Choose Your Own Adventure, however, these 'choices' aren't always simply a listing of what-would-you-dos. Instead, there are riddles and puzzles worked in...and the correct answer brings the reader further. These vary in types and difficulties, and let readers crank those brain-gears. Also, the book invites readers to take an active role during the read with activities such as packing a time-travel bag. So, readers need to do more than sit back and enjoy a tale.

Tension and adventure keep the reader on their toes as the book takes a slightly, dark atmosphere. From the very first sentences, hints of danger create suspense. This tone remains like a shadow in the background, giving the feel that something evil is going to happen at one point. Still, the adventure progresses with time travel fun and plenty of twists and turns. So, it isn't 'too' dark, either. Simply fun.

This is a fun read to pick up and enjoy. Even more reluctant readers will find the change-up refreshing and let their inner time-traveling-riddle-solving skills come to light.

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