Monday, November 30, 2020

What's Coming in December?

Singing those carols, yet? I'm already in full baking, decorating, and stuffing my face with treats mode. But do I have time for reading, too? You bet! As always, the book pile is higher than high (not quite as big as our Christmas tree...thank goodness!). I haven't read any of these, yet. I'm always tight on the reading end and usually pressing for some last minute words. So, each day will be like opening a present...for both you and me. While I steal another cookie, here's some of the goodies you can expect in the upcoming weeks.


The title got a strange look from me, when I first saw it. But hey, I'm ready for the unexpected. This is a collection of short stories, and more than several of them have already won prizes internationally. There are a few new ones included too, and it promises to stretch over quite a few genres. I'll tell you what I think on the 8th.

Short Story Collection


Gingerbread men, which come to life? That sounds like an adorable picture book to me. As a fan of gingerbread houses, this one definitely caught my attention, and I can't wait to see what sweetness lies in store. You can sneak a peek with me on the 7th.

Picture Book


It's been awhile since I've picked up a YA contemporary romance. Add a musical twist and the thought of a girl falling for a boy, who doesn't believe in love...and this might be one to snuggle up with in front of the warm fire. We'll see on the 2nd.

Young Adult Romance


A girl wants to become an author but can't finish any of her stories. I think you might see why this one grabbed my attention...sounds simply too familiar. Add an irritating twin brother, a castle, a maze, and I couldn't say no to taking a peek at this one. I'll be giving my thoughts on the 11th.

Middle Grade Contemporary


There's no way I'd skip out on fantasy this month, and this one seemed like a fast-paced, exciting read. Wielded with a strong heroine, these pages have her zapped to another world and facing off giant, rat armies. It's been a bit since I read a fantasy with this much imagination, and I'll tell you if it's as exciting as I hope it is on the 14th.

Middle Grade Fantasy


Of course, I'm going to have more than a couple lovely Christmas and wintery reads this month, as well. Because what are the holidays without snowy and Christmas-y tales? I'll be peppering these in during the next weeks and hope you enjoy them as much as I do. This one will be reviewed on the 17th.

Picture Book


This is the first book in a brand new series from this bestselling author. It's a retelling of Wild Swans and set in England...every book in the series will happen there (as I understand). I'm hitting this one right before Christmas on the 22nd, although you'll have to wait until January 5th to get your hands on it.

Young Adult Fairy Tale Retelling


This one reminded me of myself as a kid and my daughter...a lemonade stand to raise some cash. Granted, we aren't geniuses like the boy in this one. And we didn't get competition from across the street. Set in graphic novel form, this one appears to be a ton of fun to read. You'll find out on the 26th! Releases on January 19th.

Middle Grade Graphic Novel


This is the second book in the High Crown Chronicles series...the first book I'm just finishing up and loving (I'll talk about that one, too, on the 28th). It's high fantasy with a great heroine and tons of action. This just happens to be an author I enjoy, anyway. If this series is worth a glimpse? Find out at the end of the month!

Young Adult Fantasy

So, did any of those catch your curiosity, or are you still munching on those cookies? Hopefully, both! If not, have no fear because there are a total of 25 reviews this month (or more?) and tons of surprises. I'd wrap every single one with a big, red bow if I could. And shiny paper. Got to love shiny paper. In any case, you aren't going to want to miss out on the fun because this month packs goodies galore.

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