Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Review: Brother Soul Comix by Kount Kracula and Tony Watt


by Kount Kracula / Tony Watt
47 pages

Continuing from Issue #0 (Zero)...the zany gang of Brother Soul Comix characters are back by Popular Demand (Melvin Popular, from Cleveland, Ohio, demanded it)! All said, this is the 3rd picture book, for the (fictional) team of "What's Inside Your Gut, Shmut?": Illustrator/co-plotter: Mr. Anthony ('Tony' ) Watt (aka: the kooky, benevolent author/artist/storyteller & TV Horror Host: ' Kount Kracula'; who lives in [and lurks] Hollyweird, Canada )! This 'Brother Soul Comix' picture-book #1, is the second, in a sanguine, satirical series of upcoming sardonic stries; in the cacophonic "Kount Kracula Picture-Book" concatenation. Along with the return of Brother Soul & General Wizzard-- this issue also has the first phantasmagorical physical appearance of Tabby Cat & the nebbish Agent Ron!) The 'Brother Soul Comix ' ( fantasy/sci-fi, weird fiction-based) picture-book series -- . is based on characters, from Anthony Watt's : 'BROTHER SOUL'S Vintage Radio Variety Theater' podcast series ( about 'Brother Soul', a mellow-ish, fun-lovin', equable, part-time, super-heroic, mercenary, crooner & gambling millionaire priest with wings, who, with his co-opted, multi-funded Soul Mansion/Fortress of Soul-itude -based motely crew of quirky peace-keepers & quirky adventurers [Anastasia Huckleberry, Tabby Cat, General Wizzard, Freckles, Queen Shadoobi, Agent Ron ..etc.]), fighting against homicidal kaiju MONSTERS & invading bug-eyed ALIEN forces; for the clandestine, multi-national, North America-based L.O.V.E. (Labour Ops for Volunteer Enforcers) Agency. This issue brings back the L.O.V.E. Squad's mysterious Brother Soul (aka: the’ "Winged Crusader") -- a Weird Hero.. for Weird Times! In this super-groovy Weird Fiction Funnybook! This publication's Creator(s) & the wild bunch of drunken, medicated, overfed, long-haired, leaping gnome & sparkly pixie nun assistants ( at our office in : the 'TWI Studios Mudhole'), hope you cultured comix readers enjoy this funky, fun-filled picture book!


I've read Kount Kracula's work before and was excited to pick up this one. Warning: do not expect anything 'normal' when diving into these pages. Because you won't find that.

This reminds me a bit of the Mad Magazines but only a bit. With un-pardoned zest, these pages take off in a very distinct and original's truly an adventure. The tale heads in the science fiction direction and includes a vast and imaginative set of characters. Very varied as in stretching the limits of what you might expect. While there is a story and plot line, it's far reaching and packed fuller than full with quirks, unexpected directions, and pure...ummm...craziness? It's definitely a delight for anyone ready to leave logical reality, toss in a huge amount of sarcasm, and spring off into the wild end of humor and fun.

The illustrations are very well done. It's in graphic novel/comic book style and holds tons of action. There's never, ever a boring moment, and a lot happens in each frame. The author/artist loves to incorporate noise and sound effects, which made my son raise both eyebrows, and had me laughing. 

This is simply refreshing in it's wackiness and strolls down a different road than most are probably accustom to. Young adults will enjoy this one quite a bit.

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