Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Review: Adventures Under the Strangebow by Julia DeVillers

Ultra Squad, Book Two
by Julia DeVillers
Illustrated by Rafael Rosado
Justice Studios
Middle Grade Science Fiction / Graphic Novel
92 pages

An evil, strange rainbow. A former nemesis. And four girls who look exactly like the UltraSquad. It’s an epic battle on an alternate universe for the UltraSquad, on their continued mission to make the world a better place through teamwork, positivity, and upstoppable fierce girl power!



While this one can be read fairly well as a stand-alone, I'd recommend starting with the first book, since there is information and character background which helps dive into this tale.

Now, that the Ultra Squad girls are a little more certain about what they are doing and how to use their powers, they find themselves on another adventure. This time, the girls and their four partners find themselves stuck in a parallel reality. They want to return home, but in order to do that, need assistance from their other selves. Of course, none of this is easy and their former nemesis even makes things more difficult.

I didn't quite enjoy this book as much as the first, but still, recommend it to middle grade girls who enjoy a bit of super-girl, science fiction fun and tons of friendship. The girls and their partners are fun to follow as they try their best to figure this new situation out. The illustrations really add a wonderful twist as they make it easy to identify which are girls are which, and add a few more reality differences to add a portion of humor in too. Friendship, of course, is golden again as the girls try to find a way to work together.

It's a lovely concept, which is fun to read and is sure to hook in the intended age group.

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