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Mommy and Daddy's Day with Kill Code by Clive Fleury

Every so often here on Bookworm for Kids, I have a Mommy and Daddy's day post. After all, parents like to read too. The books I place on here do not have content any more mature than those for young adult audiences (unless I comment otherwise). In other words, these aren't books you need to hide under the bed.
This time, I got my fingers on a quick-paced, dystopian read, since I loved the idea of an ex-cop facing one of these worlds. That it wasn't overly thick on pages, was a huge bonus...because sometimes, we as parents only have time for a quick read.

by Clive Fleury
TCK Publishing
Science Fiction/Dystopian
220 pages

It's the year 2031. Our future. Their present. A world decimated by climate catastrophe, where the sun's heat is deadly and the ocean rises higher every day. A world ruled by the rich, powerful, and corrupt. A world where a good man can't survive for long.
Hogan Duran was a good man once. He was a cop, forced to resign in disgrace when he couldn't save his partner from a bullet. Now Hogan lives on the fraying edges of society, serving cruel masters and scavenging trash dumps just to survive.
But after four years of living in poverty, Hogan finally gets a chance to get back on his feet. He's invited to join the National Security Council, the powerful paramilitary organization responsible for protecting the rich and powerful from the more unsavory elements of society. All he needs to do is pass their deadly entrance exam, and he'll be rewarded with wealth and opportunity beyond his wildest dreams.
But this ex-cop's path to redemption won't be easy. The NSC are hiding something, and as Hogan descends deeper and deeper into their world, he starts to uncover the terrible truth of how the powerful in this new world maintain their power...and just how far they will go to protect their secrets.
In a world gone wrong, can one man actually make a difference, or will he die trying?
Kill Code is the first novel in an exciting new dystopian science fiction series from the mind of the award-winning author, screenwriter, and director Clive Fleury.
Fans of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey, and Divergent by Veronica Roth will be captivated by Kill Code.


Ex-cop with baggage meets a futuristic, tough world, where lies run deep and justice is only a mirage—what's not to love?

Guilt hangs heavy on Hogan Duran after he watches his partner get shot. Even years later, he's struggling to get by in a world which has fallen apart. When he receives the acceptance to try out for the NSC, the ruling body and enforcement, he finally has the chance he's been waiting for to drag himself out of the misery, but the training isn't what anyone expects. Soon, he finds himself not only pressed to his limits in every way but facing a reality he never guessed existed.

This world was as nitty-gritty as I'd hoped. A fallen society, which barely gets by after a world-wide disaster, creates a harsh background and is perfect for the main character, ex-cop Hogan Duran. He's suffering from guilt of an earlier incident, takes care of his ex-partner, and does his best to survive. In other words, he draws sympathy right away. Of course, he's harboring a ton of talent, determination and sense for right and wrong...and this makes him the perfect hero with everything the reader needs to cheer for him.

From the very first page, the hardship and danger sinks in. There's never a boring moment as Duran is faced with one situation after the other. The hints at intrigue start out light and grow as the story continues, making it impossible to guess where everything is going. The tension and danger builds from page to page, and while the logic is fairly smooth, there are several times the information suddenly hits out of nowhere with a lack of woven introduction. It soon becomes clear why the book is so short despite the complex plot—it bounces without smoothing things in. This also affects some of the characters and their relations, and outside of Duran, leaves the other characters without much depth. A little more would have done a lot. The writing itself is more than solid and a treat to read...and that's what makes this book hard to put down.

Still, it was a quick, fun read and opens up a world, which has tons of potential. The ending packs more than a few surprises and leaves off with just as many questions as answers, making it hard not to grab up book two and find out what happens next.

And here he is...

Clive Fleury is an award-winning writer of books and screenplays, and a TV and film director and producer. He has worked for major broadcasters and studios on a wide variety of successful projects in the US, UK, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East.

When Clive was young, a man behind a big desk who called himself a ‘Career Specialist’ fell about laughing when Clive told him he wanted to tell stories. The ‘Expert’ had other plans. “You should be an engineer, that’s what you should be,” he said. Clive ignored his advice and embarked upon a very different life. (Taken from Goodreads.)

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