Sunday, May 21, 2017

Review: My Bible Adventure by Johnny Hunt

Through God's Word
52 Bible Stories for Kids
by Johnny Hunt
Published by Thomas Nelson
Children's Religious

Travel through God’s Word all year long! The greatest stories in the Bible come alive for kids in My Bible Adventure Through God’s Word. Watch your children develop a relationship with God while reading amazing stories of faith.
Written by pastors, children’s ministers, and leaders who have a heart for helping children become lifelong believers, My Bible Adventure Through God’s Word is a perfect tool for introducing your children to weekly devotions. Cute art and simple storytelling naturally lend themselves to early readers who are starting to read on their own. With tangible takeaways and prayers at the end of every Bible adventure, your children or grandchildren will grow in their faith as they read My Bible Adventure Through God’s Word.
Help your child engage his or her faith in new, meaningful ways through the wisdom and insight in My Bible Adventure Through God’s Word. By starting the habit of studying the Bible at a young age, your young believer is signing up for the adventure of a lifetime!


The quality of this book makes itself known the second it hits the hands. Packed to the brim with 52 Bible stories, children go on a weekly discovery of some of the most well-known Bible tales and are encouraged to take the message along with them.

This is a hefty, little book with a solid cover, which guarantees it will really withstand a year long of weekly readings and then some. It's broken down into fifty-two chapters, one for each week.. Each of these chapters is around six pages long, which might seem daunting especially to kids at first, but the larger writing and slightly shorter text on each page, guarantee a nice length for a ten-fifteen minute devotion.

Each chapter starts with a Bible verse. Unfortunately, there's no indication as to which Bible translation these are taken from. Each verse is followed by a 'Today's Adventure', which is basically a short recap of the Bible story in a way kids are sure to easily understand. I would have liked to see a bit of this applied to everyday life instead of a regurgitation, but as a clear Bible read, it's well done and brings across the story nicely. The short prayer is a lovely way to close off the reading, and as a last treat, there's a 'Take It With You. . .' thought--a short sentence which brings the whole point home and gives kids a thought to hang onto and digest.

There are colorful illustrations the entire way through, which add a nice touch and are sure to help kids dive into the characters and tales. It's fun to simply explore those and get a feel of what each story will be about, so that even younger ones will love the chance to get their fingers on the book every now and then. These readings, however, are not for the youngest readers and are more fitting for ages 6 and up. Through these chapters, kids (and their families) gain a solid knowledge of the more well-known Bible stories and, most importantly, hear/read these words together.

I received a complimentary copy from Booklook Bloggers and wanted to leave my honest thoughts.

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