Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Review: Dr. Pookie and the Case of his Missing Thought by Izzy Church

by Izzy Church
Square Monkey Publishing
Middle Grade Fiction
106 pages

What’s a bear to do when his friends and neighbors dare to attack his reputation? You see it is most hurtful not to be appreciated,especially when you’re a lovely, charming, gorgeous hunk of a bear. So when Dr. Pookie begins to receive unwanted attention in the local newspapers, he did what any intelligent, sophisticated, well-to-do bear would do.

Dr. Pookie invited all of his friends and neighbors up to the tippy top of Bear Mountain for a lovely dinner party. After all, there is nothing more delightful than to be entertained by the most famous bear in the Little Royal Forest.

In the children’s mystery adventure, Dr. Pookie and The Case of his Missing Thought, Dr. Pookie shares with his friends the exciting and curious tale of the time he lost his thought and the hilarious adventure that follows as he frantically searches for it. 

Join along with all the furry creatures in the Little Royal Forest as they search high and low for Dr. Pookie’s missing thought. Don’t miss out on a single silly moment!


This slightly different bear will have kids and adults giggling the whole way through.

Dr. Pookie lives in a furnished to taste man(bear)-cave on the edge of Little Royal Forest and isn't totally pleased by the not so nice words being spread about him. So he throws a party. And that's the beginning of this bear's amazing, uncanny and, at times, down-right ridiculous adventures.

The story is told from the viewpoint of Dr. Pookie, a slightly older bear, who likes to look back at his good old days. During the first pages of the book, Dr. Pookie goes through a humorous collection of past magazines, which featured him as quite the snazzy bear. This humor will make some kids smile but will especially grab several snickers and chuckles from adults, and at times, seems to favor this older category. It's a clever glance at how Dr. Pookie is seen by the forest society, although it does run a bit long before the rest of the tale gets going. Dr. Pookie's narrative style is humorous but maybe a little long-winded for some more reluctant readers.

There is a treasure chest of characters stuffed full of personality. Every animal has its quirks and brings the silliest situations to life. The back and forth as well as the way the animals head into things insures one comical situation after the next.

Summed up, this is a fun read with both clever and quirky humor.

And here she is. . . 

Isabella “Izzy” Church is a self-empowered entrepreneur dedicated to creating entertaining and educational content for a wide audience. She has been recognized as an entertainer, author and artist. This is Izzy’s first children’s book, however she is the author of numerous works, including the LOL romantic comedy novel, Angry Movie GuyIzzy graduated Suma Cum Laude from Mary Mount Manhattan College with a degree in Communication Arts, specializing in writing for film and television. After a stint at Dream Works, in the books to film department, Izzy decided to follow her dreams. She was accepted into on of NY's top acting conservatory programs.Currently, Izzy is living in New York City and is working as an author, actress, artist and filmmaker. She is the owner of the Third Culture Creative, a boutique Media Development Company.

You can find her at:

or Twitter:@izzychurch222 

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