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Review: The Spectacular World of Waldorf by Beth Ann Stifflemire and Barbara Terry

The Spectacular World of Waldorf is a four book series, which takes young readers on a trip to different places around the world. At the beginning of each month for the next four months, one of these book will be released.

September 1st, 2016!

by Barbara Terry
Beth Ann Stifflemire
Vladimir Kirichenko
The Spectacular World of Waldorf
Waldorf Publishing
Picture Book
ages 3+
32 pages

On this adventure, Mr. Waldorf discovers the Great State of Texas. The curious canine encounters fun new friends and places while exploring the vast state visiting the Alamo, riding a bull for 8 seconds, making new friends in Dallas, exploring Austin and more. Children will fall in love with Mr. Waldorf and they will also discover the world in a fun & exciting way. Mr. Waldorf invites you to join his “Whoofishly” fun adventures! Where will the fuzzy canine end up next?


Mr. Waldorf is underway and his first trip takes young readers to Texas. There, her discovers not only the Alamo, oil drilling and cattle herding, but many other treasures the giant state holds.

Mr. Waldorf is a lovely character, who enjoys discovering new places and experiences. Through directly addressing the reader in the first pages, Mr. Waldorf's adventure invites to join in on his adventures. If that isn't enough to catch young listeners/readers' attention, he accidentally loses his glasses and asks for help to find them. 

The journey takes readers/listeners from one special attribute of Texas to the next. The different sights and experiences are hit upon enough for the reader/listener to get an impression but never long enough to invite boredom. The text is simple and short, and the vocabulary is ideal for the intended age group. 

The illustrations are colorful and bring each sight/experience across well enough for kids to understand. Plus, there are still those silly reading glasses dabbled between the pages which need to be found. 

Summed up, this is a fun way for younger kids to get a glimpse at Texas and learn something about the large state. 

Book Two, The Spectacular World of Waldorf
32 pages

The Spectacular World of Waldorf series allows children to discover new places in the USA & Worldwide through humorous and intriguing travels for the picture book age reader. Bright-detailed illustrations combined with the attention savvy stories allow parents, educators and more to introduce the world to small children in a format while grabbing their attention.This comical Labrador draws children into his whimsical adventures in search of his lost reading spectacles. The poor pup has a habit of misplacing them but children will be enticed into his many travels to help silly Mr. Waldorf locate them as he discovers new friends and places in a format that small children will easily recollect and adore. On this adventure, Mr. Waldorf discovers the Wild State of Alaska. The curious canine encounters fun new friends and places while fishing for salmon, discovering glaciers, panning for gold and visiting Eskimos. Silly Mr. Waldorf has a tendency to misplace his favorite reading spectacles and can't seem to find them while discovering The Last Frontier. Mr. Waldorf will learn all about Alaska, while seeking his missing spectacles. Will you help him find them and learn all about this amazing state?


Mr. Waldorf loves to explore new countries and places, and to start things off, he heads to the far reaches of Alaska. 

Mr. Waldorf is a lovely character, reminding of a favorite, older neighbor or uncle. And boy, does he have trouble with those reading glasses. He looses them right at the beginning of his journey, giving kids the task to help him search for them as he heads out to discover the traits, which make Alaska the wonderful state that it is.

Various qualities of Alaska are touched upon: animal life, sights, culture, landscape, etc. None of them are hit with any depth, but rather are presented in quick glimpses with just enough information to give kids a general idea of what each thing is about. Mr. Waldorf's interactions with the animals and people aren't only informative but also humorous. The text is kept to a minimum and presented inside speech bubbles. So every word counts, making this a lovely read-aloud.

The illustrations are colorful and a joy to look at. They bring the different sights and animals to life, since some of these will be new to young listeners. The added search for the spectacles lures kids into the pages, while the depicted characters sometimes act in unpredictable ways. In other words, kids learn all sorts of things about Alaska while being humored and entertained as well.

Summed up, this is a fun way to discover Alaska in a way which is very appropriate for younger listeners/readers.

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Beth Ann is a published fiction author ranging from romance to children's genres. A communications graduate of Texas A&M Beth Ann has been featured in the Austin American Satesman,, Texas Wine Trail, Texas A&M University Communications Department Feature, Georgetwon View Magazine, Hill Country News, Lone Star Literary Life and Nerd Girl Books and more.

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Barbara is one of the most sought/after Auto Experts, Columnists, Producers, show hosts, Authors and Off Road Racers. She has been featured in over 100 publications and has made more than 1200 television and radio appearances since 2006. Barbara decided after an amazing 10 year career in the Entertainment Industry, starting a publishing company was only fitting!

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