Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Review: Plushinomicon: The Legends of Teddy Bear Island created by Pat McNary

Created by Pat McNary 
Edited by Kristi King-Morgan
YA Fantasy Anthology
Dreaming Big Publications
146 pages

Teddy Bear Island has as many grizzly tales as it does flesh-eating plushies, and it’s bursting at the seams. From the elven vagabond lurking the jungle to the hired mercenaries looting the temple, every corner of the island has its own history, and its own secrets. Tear into this collection of curious, creepy, and downright crazy adventures based on Teddy Bear Island RPG, where escape is never easy, and nothing is quite as innocent as it appears. Around every corner waits something eager for the ripping. Grab your toughest dwarves, your surliest orcs, and your most loyal kobolds, and get ready to spill some stuffing. 

What story will you tell?


With a creepy mixture of stuffed animals, mystical creatures, stuffing and gore, this collection of short stories brings a whole new and curious meaning to the thriller world.

Not being familiar with Teddy Bear Island RPG, I dove into this collection with no previous knowledge or prejudices toward circumstances the stories centers around. One thing became clear right away--open-mindedness is key when hitting these pages. But once that's done, the stories are a curious delight.

The creepy factor never jumps into extreme horror but often falls into more of an odd category. Each tale is different from the other, so there's no danger of repetition. The stories always finish up with an open end, as if it was a scene in the game. . .because anything could happen next.

It's an interesting collection and is great for picking up whenever a quick taste of plush-goosebumps is needed. The twists and turns are definitely unexpected and one never knows what's coming next. Although stuffed animals abound, this isn't a collection for younger readers due to the violence but is great for teens and older.

This is a perfect collection for gaming fans, readers who enjoy a bit of zany with their creepy and simply those who want to grab something refreshing and totally new to read.

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