Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Review: Poppy by Clarissa Johal perfect for October!

by Clarissa Johal
Faeriemoon Press
YA/NA Horror-Thriller
265 pages

A red-headed, pink-loving mortician who speaks to the dead. 
A moody, unsociable funeral director. 
Poppy and Dante from "Struck" are back. 

Something is lingering around Skyview Funeral Home—and it's stealing souls of the dead. 
With Dante in tow, Poppy is determined to put a stop to it. 
Can she protect those who are trying to cross over, or will her soul be next?

*Poppy is a standalone novel*


This was a book not to be put down, so make sure you've got a few hours before opening that first page.

The main character is a true delight--sassy, cute, warm hearted and simply in a class all of her own. I was surprised because I assumed this would have a very dark feel the whole way through. And there are enough moments to leave strange tingles running up and down the spine. But it's more than that.

This story grabs with humor, sweetness, and pretty dark twists at times. The conversations with the ghosts are a real treat and add a lovely sense of lightness to balance off the spookier shadows.

Summed up, this is a wonderful read even for chickens like me and definitely perfect for the upcoming Halloween season.

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