Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Today's Review: My Superhero Grandpa by Michele McAvoy

by Michele McAvoy
Illustrated by Mike Motz
The Little Press
Picture Book
ages 2+ 
24 pages

I recently released My Superhero Grandpa on April 10th. It's a sweet story about a grandpa who watches over his young grandson from Heaven. The book likens angels to superheroes and is an uplifting way to help children understand the passing of a loved one.


This takes a lovely twist on how to deal with the death of a loved one (in this case, a grandfather) and portrays the idea of what happens afterwards in an encouraging and courage building light.

Death isn't really mentioned too much in these pages, but rather this book concentrates on what has happened to the grandfather afterwards. With a superhero cape and fitting muscles, the boy's grandfather always flies above him. The Christian aspects are strong in these pages, and in many ways, the Grandpa is portrayed as a type of guardian angel, which always keeps watch over the boy.

This is a book with lots of positive feelings, and these come across beautifully in the illustrations. The sky is blue and colors bright, allowing no moment for gloom. They are nicely done-simple, but enough that kids will enjoy looking at them. The grandfather appears a bit young (my kids noticed this), but that doesn't bother the story. 

Of course, parents should take a look through this themselves first, and see if the message is one suitable for their situation/children/ideals.

Summed up, this is a book which helps kids to cope with death by portraying the lost one as an ever-watching, invisible superhero. Kids will have no trouble grasping the concept and will be left smiling when they are done.

And here she is. . .

Michele McAvoy lives in New Jersey with her husband and two small children. While she spent many years enjoying the busy life of New York City where she attended college and law school, Michele returned to suburbia after the birth of her son. Michele began writing creatively as an outlet after the tragic loss of her father. Her children's stories draw inspiration from this loss as well as the joys of being a mother. The result is a unique balance of introspection and childhood whimsy. Michele's books are meant to help children understand and respect their emotions. Her stories are simply told and uplifting with colorful and cheerful illustrations.  

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