Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Review: Magick It Up by Sheelagh McGrath

by Sheelagh McGrath
Clink Street Publishing
Middle Grade Fantasy
56 pages

Magick It Up is a hubbly Bubbly metaphysical take with beautiful illustrations. It is on the cutting edge of new thought for the younger generation. It promotes empowerment, hope, and a sense of wonder, with a little history and folklore stirred into the bubbling brew. The story is based in everyday reality and departs into other dimensions but always returns safely to the present day. The two main characters Alex, aged 11, and his adventurous Grandmother, Nonni, are whisked unexpectedly and unconventionally through diverse multiple realities; at one time travelling on the backs of bats from crystal caves; experiencing the thrill of closely observing wild animals in Africa: discovering fairies in the midst of an English Forest and participating in the wonders of Australia, natural and man made, altogether proving that wishes really can be manifested. It is alchemy in the mental rather than the metal sense, altering situations by thought and intent. 'Magick It Up' will take you on a journey to places that some might only dream of, inspiring both young and old. Alex and Nonni's loving bond shines through as they share these magickal adventures. This bond between generations and the handing down of wisdom are an important message for today's disenchanted youth living in a troubled World.


The rich fantasy held within this short book is already evident on colorful cover and is just as original as well.

The two main characters are Alex and his grandmother, Nonni. There isn't much time spent on introducing either one but rather this dives right into their adventurous fantasy realms. Each chapter is like a fresh wind of another journey, and it's impossible to guess what wonders the two will experience next.

I'd recommend this as a read aloud more than a book for kids to read on their own (best for a grandmother to her grandchild, simply because it mirrors the relationship of the characters so nicely). Each chapter can be read in segments, making it an easy, nightly read. It's not for the youngest of listeners but would fit kids ages five and up.

There's a lot of love and wisdom in these pages, blending in well with the different adventures. The relationship between Alex and Nonni is heart-warming and the wonders they experience are things dreams are made of.

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